Benson Whizbanger AKA "Dr Boom"

Blacksmith, engineer, alchemist


Race:Gnome Age:40
Hair:none Eyes:Luminous Yellow
Class:Engineer Alignment:NG
Hometown:Magnimar (formerly Kaer Maga)
Business: Raidriar’s Magical Metal Shop

Physical Description & Characteristics:His body having been blown apart was replaced with a clockwork housing his brain which allows him to continue his experiments in relative safety.


Benson was living in Brastlewark a lowly engineering apprentice. He was depressed and was becoming overcome by what is known to gnomes as “The Bleaching” his good friend Winthony saw what was happening and offered to help him realize his dream of building a boomerang explosive delivery system. The idea was that you would throw the boomerang it would fly to its target drop the explosion and fly back to you to be reloaded. Well due to a tragic miscalculation the boomerang didn’t drop the explosion and blew Benson apart. Luckily he lived and Winthony was able to place his brain inside of a clockwork gnome body. That is when Dr Boom was born! His now impervious metal body allowed his research to grow by leaps and bounds making him the worlds foremost black powder expert. The investigations surround “The Waffling” uncovered his contribution which was “hey we should use alchemist fire to cook those waffles” and adding in what was in essence a flame thrower to Winthony’s sentient waffle makers, needless to say he was ejected from the city along with his friend. Dr Boom decided to stick with Winthony and go to work for Raidriar.

Benson Whizbanger AKA "Dr Boom"

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