Clipboard Bitch


Race: Strix Age:18
Hair: ?? Eyes: ??
Class:Barbarian (titan mauler), hunter, fighter Alignment:Chaotic Neutral
Hometown: ??

Physical Description & Characteristics: 6 feet tall, 200 pounds


Arkorian is a large well muscled Strix, who is exceptionally strong, fast, and hardy. He possesses many scars including cart tracks that go up the left side of his body. When talking to Arkorian his eyes are always on you, analyzing your every move, waiting for you to try something.

Raised in the Mwangi Expanse, in a village of warriors, all Arkorian knows is battle. Arkorian was trained from a young age to join their elite group of warriors called Ad Mortem. During his initiation, which required him to kill a T-Rex, He was captured by the Chuka, but was given to Villimena as a parting gift. Afterwords, he swore a life debt to her and has been by her side ever since.

In recent events Arkorian has been taken up a job in Sandworks imports as hired muscle. Surprisingly, Arkorian has accumulated to civilization, but still holds his barbaric morals with him. Arkorian tends to think himself the strongest, but also respects strength in others. Arkorian dislikes Vanara due to their similarity to the Chuka. Arkorian’s adventures with the B-Team concluded when he accepted a 32 year apprenticeship from Master Engineer Telonicus.


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