Master Archer for Shelyn


Race:Ratfolk Age:17 Fearless_Defenders.jpg
Hair:Grey / White Eyes: Grey
Class:Archer Alignment:Neutral/Good
Hometown: Magnimar

Physical Description & Characteristics:

When he speaks his voice seems to brim with merriment anyone that speaks to him for more than a few minutes can’t help but begin to smile


Aello was born under the Irespan. He was a sickly baby and his parents being callous attempted to rid themselves of him by stuffing him down a sewer drain. Luckily for him the drain took him into a part of the complex located under the crow. Karis as Mistress in charge of the Thassalonian complex found the poor Ratfolk on deaths door and using her skill with alchemy she restored him to health and decided to raise him as her adopted son she showed him the wonders of the ancient world, She also taught him many skills such as alchemy, and swordsmanship but he most excelled at archery. At the age of nine he spoke of wanting to go and see the world outside the crow. Karis not knowing much of the world above tried to get him to stay but he was insistent. Eventually her own curiosity of the world beyond won over and she spent the next year outfitting him with the best in arms and armor she had available to her. One summer morning he wished his adopted mother well with the agreement he would be back in 10 years time he stepped out of the crow and off on his adventure. At first he was shunned and scoffed at many thinking his diminutive size meant he was not a serious warrior, or people just in general being repulsed by him. He was becoming low on funds and feeling despondent that he would not be able to accomplish his task for his mother. A rumor caught his attention that there was a group that would take anyone that could pass the entry test he spent the last of his coin on a trip to Oppara and took a chance to join the Eastern Trading Company. Aello passed his test and spent the next 7 years tripping around the globe with the ETC including multiple trips though the under dark. After his last trip which took him over a year to complete he found a letter waiting for him that his mother was out of the crow and free and happy and in love. Aello’s heart swelled with joy and he immediately left for home. After reuniting with Karis she asked him to join The Fearless Defenders Aello did and hopes to soon meet the group his mother calls friend most of all Eldaron Trellorn


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