Delphas Ysarl

General of the Northern Legion


Race: Human Age: 33Magnimar_Symbol.jpg
Hair: Brown Eyes: Brown
Class: Drill Sergeant Alignment: LG
Hometown: Magnimar (District)

Physical Description & Characteristics:Tall powerful when seen from behind she has been mistaken for a man. Her face is lovely and her voice is clearly female.


Born in Magnimar Delphas’s to a father that always romanticized running off to become a powerful warrior and fight in the world wound even though his only child was a girl he made his dream hers. Delphas grew up glorifying the warriors of the world wound. She trained with sticks while others trained at trades at 13 she went north with her fathers blessing to join the crusades as a scout over 20 years she rose through the ranks and would occasionally come home to visit her parents and tell her father stories of glory and honor on the field of battle she had won. It was on one of these trips she met her future husband Clarence. After falling in love she moved back to Magnimar and was wed. Not one to sit idly around and not interested in helping to run her husbands buisiness she answered the call to arms put out by the council which would allow her to keep doing what she loved while being close to the man she loved.

Delphas Ysarl

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