The Kingmaker

The A-Team: The Lady's Light and Dr. Nisk - Who Is This Guy??!! (From March 21, 2015)

The group learns Corvosa, the people of the Fenwell Mountains. Elderon is bummed because he still has no buyer for his homemade amulet. The group takes care of finances including the Earth elementals Elderon left to dig out platinum. To make the dig more successful aquatic gollums are sent to help. More forts, outposts and domestic construction is planned as well. Elderon trades nineteen percent of his iridium for platinum in Tien-Ko.

The party finds that one hundred soldiers aka “Red Shirts” of ours are ready to travel to the Lady’s Light to clean up the area. Elderon, Sylari and Zenia go with the soldiers along the coast road with Radriar staying behind. The first day finds no encounters and the group treats the soldiers to a huge dinner feast spending five platinums per plate. This raises moral through the roof as everyone enjoys the food and company. With Zenia setting an “Alarm” spell and Elderon changing some nearby swamp trees to tree ents to guard the camp, the first night ends up a quiet one.

The second day of travel along the coast goes slower because of the marshy terrain but they see from a distance that the Lady’s Light is now lit instead of dark. By late afternoon, the soldiers stop per the group for the night. Elderon creates a dome encampment with tree ents guarding and Zenia setting up “Alarm” spells. Another restful night passes the company. Continuing on early in the morning the party and soldiers end up by 9 AM at the land that juts out connecting to the Lady’s Light. The party sees movement around the Lady’s Light; party finds Boggarts (white pasty creature). The soldiers stay behind while the party advances. As the party approaches, two Boggarts start to make croaking sounds. When Elderon gets within fifteen feet the whole party understands these two are calling guards. Soon fifteen guards show up with weapons drawn. Zenia starts using “Flaming Sphere” and takes out many of the guards. Elderon casts “Juggarnaut” and “Spiked Stones” around perimeter of the room the party sees the guards coming from. A large amount of Boggarts – 350 – are soon dead. Sylari takes out a few Boggarts and Zenia continues using “Flaming Sphere” to kill more Boggarts. I then cast “Protective Spirit” to help the party. Elderon teleports on the other side of the sphere and kills the rest of the Boggars for a total of 390. The party gets the soldiers to clean up the place while they explore the remaining areas for Boggarts; finding none. The leautinent of the soldiers reports to the party it will take at least a week to clean up the area. The Lady’s Light is now part of Elderon and company’s terrain.

The party teleports back home to put together a caravan of engineers, architects, etc. along with nine hundre d more soldiers. While at home Elderon fronts another 30,000 plats. to train another 10,000 quality soldiers to be ready in three months. The party encounters no problems when traveling back to the Lady’s Light. The engineers, architects and the rest of the population begin construction on the fort. The party then returns to Tol-Ivrengond. Radriar prays for a arcon in his temple. Nothing happens except a fulfillment of prayer. He tries again and is successful.

The party then goes to see Twix to see if any of our ambassadors to the Mushfeins area ever made it. He reports they disappeared and are presumed dead. Twix reports the king within the Mushfeins needs to be curried to our favor. The party just needs to find a lost item of the queen’s to help gain their favor. Twix mentions he has a friend named Zolara that can help. Twix also mentions that Dr. Nisk has been sighted in Magnamar in Beacon’s Point District six days hence outside of Dusk Alley.

Via boat the group heads to Magnimar. While on the water they all see how the Ironspan is progressing with more workers, lanterns and general activity. Upon arriving in Magnimar the party goes to Dusk Alley in disguise. They first see Bolbenia (the witch) at her shop. She is a wiry haired, bushy eyebrowed wart faced crone. They find out from her Dr. Nisk went to see an alchemist. Zenia, Sylari and Elderon convince the witch via money to provide more information about the good doctor. Bolbenia says she’ll meet them at teh Hearts Grub & Grog later after midnight. Five hours later they see her there and she explains Dr. NIsk bought “Spider’s Kiss” which makes him undetectable and invisible. She says he’s here to retrieve a “friend” and that he works for someone far away across the sea, but it’s not Taldor. When they ask if Dr. Nisk has any allies the witch turns white and returns the money they party originally paid her for the information. Elderon tries to read her thoughts using a spell but all he gets is the his boss is a male. When the party tries to kidnap her, they discover she is portally anchorded and she disappears on them.

The next day after breakfast Elderon asks Kariss about Dr. Nisk and about “Spider’s Kiss”. Karis explains she remembers the spell but knows nothing about Dr. Nisk. Karis makes a potion to make anyone think their detection spell worked. The party also tries to find Abroget to have him scyre for Dr. Nisk but their associate is not in at the time. Elderon uses his special card to scyre for Dr. Nisk. He sees a woman with one arm messed up and a demon both trapped. Their in a large circular room with macbre decor and human bones scatter about; a balcony is also seen. The room is located on top of a mountain peak far southeast along the banks of the Usk River. Radriar uses his acron to successfully pull off the potion trap.

From the spy network, the group learns Taldor has armies in Oparra, Five King’s Mountains and Galt. Elderon and company also hear Fenwell will not join the proceedings coming up because it will cost them money. Also Janderhoff will not join either.

Finally the group asks Twix to find out: 1) The exact date for an attack on Absolom. 2) Who are Dr. NIsk’s allies? and 3) A complete history of the Mushfeins.



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