The Kingmaker

The Felspire Forest

The group finishes their 2 weeks of mining activities, earning 15,000 plats.
We open the adventure at the edge of the first set of ward stones. Eldaron speaks to them but can only hear them repeating “Beware”. There is no activity in this area of the forest, and it appears to be dead and gives a sense of being angry. The second ring of stones is more ominous and well cared for. Sylari shoots chickens and Zenia shoots cats at them; one of the chickens is killed by arcing green lightning. Passing through the second ring of stones takes some time, but upon reaching the other side, there are more signs of life. A path picks up on the other side of the second set of stones leading to an archway made of bone with a 6 foot wall that surrounds the area. The group discovers that the arch is a portal, and after passing through it, they find themselves in a stone courtyard under a dark sky. The spire dominates the center of the area, with outbuildings and stables surrounding it. Zenia examines the tracks present in the courtyard and notices that there are giant bipedal wolf-like tracks all over. Sylari approaches the door and disables the traps, but triggers the stone guardians which turn to pounce. both guardians are destroyed in battle and Sylari keeps the lion-headed soul jar from one of the guardians.
Upon entering the tower, the group finds themselves in a gruesome alchemy lab. 2 syringe handed golems attack, and before being subdued, one injects Radriar with 2 chemicals. Their deaths trigger tesla coils on the walls which eventually cause an undead alchemist to materialize in the middle of the room. He sticks his finger in Radriar’s wound, and turns his blood to acid. Eventually the undead is defeated, but it is too late, he whispers that the master lives. The lightning arcs again and a 60 foot werewolf appears, and uses the chemicals injected into Radriar to take control of his body. Eldaron kills him to prevent him from doing any damage to the group. The Werewolf is eventually defeated, leaving hoard including several shields, wands, coin, potions and scrolls.

Everyone gains a mythic level.

Eldaron discovers a journal naming the creature as Lucimar. The pages appear to be blank, and the cipher cannot be discerned. Eldaron discovers a secret door in the ceiling, where the group finds more potions, and scrolls.
Outside of the tower, a man is found in a cage along with some animals. The animals are all freed, but there is something odd about the man, whose name is craven. He is huddled and hunched, and has a key which he hides. He makes vague references to being captured by a birdman, being made to clean the beakers for the master, and being told not to return to “her” and that “it doesn’t know about the pit”. Eldaron casts a spell to control person, and asks Craven to lead us to the door that the key fits. The group moves through the portal and dimension doors out of the forest to avoid the giant creatures that inhabit the rings.
Upon further examination, Eldaron discovers that Craven does not have a soul and is basically a flesh golem.
The group decides to return home for the conclave before setting out on the journey with Craven. Eldaron puts him in stasis as the group travels.

The spy network reveals that the plague doctor’s name is Dr. Nisk, and he has been kicking around Thrun for about 60 years.



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