The Kingmaker

The B-Team Part Deux: Who are these people?

Darren, Valteria, and Persephone arrive in the town of Falcon’s Hallow in Andoran from their village run by Major Cole. They are looking for adventure and boy do they find it. After purchasing supplies at the The Goose & the Ganyard, they head off to the market where they hear about some nearby ruins (Elara’s Halfwayhouse) and missing kids: Holland, Jorreh, Mickra and Sourum. Darren wishes to go to the Roots & Remedies next to help take care of those in the town affected by Black Sour Disease. To help with the disease, Darren is asked to acquire the following: six mushrooms, small bushall of mold and a couple of rat tails. Gaining directions from the local children, the three adventurers enter the vale which also houses the ruins.

After traveling eight miles they reach the edge of the woods finding the charred remains of the halfway house. Soon crying is heard in the distance, causing Darren to rush off to help and the others following. Darren and company find a girl who says her name is Geava. She explains she knows where the missing children are explaining they have been taken by cobalts three days prior. Pitch – Valteria’s companion – turns into a unicorn to carry Geava as the three adventures go deeper into the forest. They come across the body of a half elf with their face bashed in and a covered in gore. Darren opens the bag and each party takes a goblet found inside. Unfortunately Darren chooses poorly and his goblet attacks him (it’s cursed). Vateria knocks the cup away slamming it into a tree. She makes a circle around it with a warning out the deadly cup.

Suddenly Geava attacks Persephone out of nowhere completely “Teen Wolf” -ed out. She rakes her claws and bites her into unconsciousness. Darren heals Persephone and after a long struggle the werechild is killed. The party finds a note on her stating where her treasure is located. The party follows the directions/map coming to a stump in the forest and crossing the tracks to the cobalts which lead in another direction. The group backtracks to the tracks and makes camp for the night. A giant mosquitoe tries to attack us but Darren swats it good during his watch. The next day we find three exanguinated fairy bodies pinned to a tree and a different set of tracks going in a different direction.

Using Arcane Mark, Persephone and the others follow the pixie killer tracks and find a home with a witch in it. Her name is Bolbeana and she gives the party a task to complete: kill tasleworm and she’ll give us rat tails. The three agree to the task and eventually defeat the tassleworm after pissing off the DM god with their indecision. They find plenty of good treasure as well as the mold they need. The witch holds up her end of the bargain when the party returns. Darren makes a deal to give the witch some of his hair in exchange for knowing where iron blood mushrooms can be found within the Dwarven Ruins.



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