The Kingmaker

The B-Team Part Deux: The Dwarven Ruins (03-19-2016)

as told by Chet Cavanaugh the Chronicler

Well now after getting the directions to the Dwarven Ruins this team of adventurers wasted no time standing about. After a bit of time our heroes come across a dwarven monastery in need of work (paint dull, holes in the roof, stable in shambles, etc). Valtera asks Pitch to turn into a blood hound to find the children. He can to it but it will take some time. Persephone creeps towards the structure and peers into through the door. Double doors can be seen as well as years of dead leaves about the room and entrance. Darren tries to open this door but sprains his finger instead (I guess we know who did not eat their Wheaties this morning). Peering under the door, Persephone sees a table and chairs shoved up against it. She breaks down the door with no problems (again she must have had breakfast) and the group finds a dwarven sized mummy on the floor with a scroll and dwarven light hammer – The Dwarven God of Turmoil, Nosgar – inscribed on it. After looking around, iron blue mushrooms are found. There is also another set of double doors.

These doors are opened and Persephone looks around for anything to salvage. She is suddenly attacked by a dark mantle. Valtera tries to beat it off but it does not work. Persephone changes into a porcupine (????!!!) doing little damage hoping it would let go. Instead it takes another bite into her with Darren’s attempt to help not helping. The creature’s tongue latches onto a beam across the ceiling as Persephone finally frees herself. At that moment, Valtera nails the monster with an arrow causing it to spasm and fall. Darren then struts over and chops its head off. No other monsters are found by the group in the room though some cheap armor and a few gold pieces are. Darren heals Persephone.

Moving on through the south door they all find themselves in a library full of moldy books. By rifling through the books Darren inhales the moldy spores causing 1 CON damage but he find an ornate book written by dwarves that is pristine. Leaving east out of the room down a hallway the group finds another door; it’s locked. Valtera uses her kick ass lock picking skills to open it. Darren then heads right in (again he didn’t eat Wheaties this morning) triggering a trap of rocks to fall on him knocking him unconscious. Persephone and Valtera start to remove the rubble only to have a lizard man with a spear show up and start stabbing at the downed hero. The two women attack it but it’s Darren, who wakes up and, delivers the fatal blow killing the monster.

The group continues to search the rooms of the structure eventually coming across one with bone littered all over the place and fur scattered about. Persephone figures out it’s wolf hair just as two come out and attack. Valtera dispatches one and Persephone the other after a brief battle. A stone archway is seen and the group goes through only to come up against a giant wolf. The wolf asks what their purpose is and Darren replies he’s looking for mushrooms. The wolf makes a deal that he’ll give up his mushrooms if the party gets rid of the monster in the tower. Heading to the tower, the group face off against a giant spider and win. Upon returning to the wolf (his name is Worg), he gives them his mushrooms but then attacks them (what a double crossing throw rug). The group eventually defeat Worg but not before he almost takes off Persephone’s left arm and her pinky from her left hand. Darren is able to heal her but she’ll have scars. A trap door is discovered and the party decides to camp out for the night.

The next day the group descend into the dungeon bumping into four cobalts two have weapons. They’re killed but the other two agree to help us. With the cobalts leading the way, the party eventually hear a ruckus and discover a battle between colbalts and murlowgrets going on. The sixteen soldiers see the group so they run with Persephone casting “obscuring mist” to cover their tracks. The two cobalts take them to an alternate route but that one leads them into a trap with a door coming down and two fire ghoulies attacking. Persephone kills one but not before it poisons her; the other kisses Darren and dies. Persephone quickly casts “delay poison”. Valtera opens the locked door by shooting the mechanism that caused it to close. The two young cobalts lead the adventurers to a painting with holes in it. Peeking through a robed cobalt (Kargemach is her name), five warrior cobalts and a child girl are seen. Bursting through the painting the heroes attack, saving the girl; her name is Sourum. A pair of doors leads off to the north and an elevator going down. They party descends killing two guards on their way down before they can alert anyone.



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