The Kingmaker

The B Team Part Deux continues: Living on the Edge

As told by Chet Cavanaugh who lost his last chronicled summary AAAGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The B Team is at the Tanaroha ( Sea Turtle village). Tito has said the group can go to the high wall with the other citizens and find the key components to get assemble a device to find the key. It is now the morning of the day they will depart. A large congreation is gathering at the gate. The party approaches the wall and starts to smell a sulpher noticing tar pits that almost act like a moat around the wall. A small bridge leads over the pits towards the door the gate. The bridge is composed of two trees bound by iron and a pulley system to move it across the moat. The ages of those going across vary from mid to late teens. Some seem eager while others are apprehensive. A mom goes around to annoit various teens with insencse. The door opens a sliver and the teens start to go through the door. The team moves forward. The doors look to be 12 feet thick as the team goes through. One weaponless teen chants and disappears while others make weapons out of wood.

Tito says he is going south with a group along the wall. Mortimer says we have to go north into the jungle. The jungle looks to have massive trees and a set of mountains can be seen in the distance among the mist. The group goes to the north. Once in the jungle the fog moves in behind the group. The sun barely streams between the canopy. Birds can be heard as can other animals. After some time, rot or decay can be detected with spungy ground. The group realizes they are in a bog. A skeleton is seen strung up between two trees with rotted flesh still attached. “Detect Evil” is cast by Darren and Beric casts “Detect Undead”: Nothing within 60 feet.

Trees at this point tend to be thinned out and bunched over as the bog takes over from the jungle. Mortimer explains the group is looking for an ancient village. Pidge is asked to turn into an eagle and fly to find the village. Persephone casts " Heightened Awareness" on herself. The group comes across another skeleton on a sandbar that is like the last one burnt with some flesh on it. Beric uses his magic arcana skill and sees that the black areas that are charred are magically induced as they still radiate heat. The skeleton appears humanoid and the girth of the hips incline the group to think it was a male. Fifteen feet out from the sandbar Persephone is dragged under by an anaconda. It takes some time but the anaconda is eventually killed but Persephone ends up with a broken right wrist. Beric and Darren use spells and a splint to set the wrist. Beric and Persephone suddenly hear a drum in the northeast.

Pidge returns and indicates a village is in the general direction of where they are going. A stone city can be seen and the drum were getting louder and then they stopped suddenly. Noticing a number of mounds, the group heads towards the nearest one. It looks like the mound is made out of pus, vines, sticks, etc. The group goes to climb the next mound and upon touching it vines start to entangle the group and a toothy maw opens in the center of the vine. Using spells Beric and Persephone end up killing the plantly creature. A skeleton is found in the mound with a pouch. Valtyra takes the pouch and finds 14 coins. The group div\vies them up.

With one mound left the group swims around it and is attacked by pirannah. Persephone and Darren are attacked by the fish as the other two swim to safety. After a few rounds the two are out of the water. Using his alchemy skill, Beric creates a nasty smelling paste. Persephone uses “summon swarm” to get a rat to test the pasty salve for Darren who has lost all flesh and muscle around his thumb. The rat’s reaction does not indicate anything detramental so it is applied to Darren. Upon touching the salve he strips off his clothes and starts to act like he is on crack as he streaks away yelling “I want to be free with my PEOPLE!!” Valtyra tackles him to the ground and covers up his mouth. The rest of the group piles on his to keep him still. After a few minutes he undulates and shake and then acts normal. The euphoria seems to be over but his thumb has now hardened with the salve over.

Persephone and the others get off Darren and they all see fire in the distance. The group heads toward the flame light. The stone structures are dilapidated most missing at least one wall with lichen on the walls. From afar from the ally the group sees a large bonfire in the distance. Stealthing down there the group makes its way to the fire. Eventually they see humaniod creatures about our height with black paint and loin cloths. One has a large bone mask. Some one or some thing is tied to stake nearby as he speaks his language. Mortimer thinks this is the Bitter Ash Tribe. Beric and Persephone cast “Comprehend Langauges” to understand the bone masked native. The group plans to sacrifice the tied up person and cause him/her to be reborn as one of the tribe. Heading to the right stealthing, the group sees the tied up person is a member of the elk, a woman, tied up in a pentagram with fire at each point. The group is on the second floor looking down to see all below. Casting enthrall, summoning a fire elemental to surround him and resistance to fire Beric steps out acting as a god. Three followers turn to him. They ask why he is there and are clearly not enthralled. As Beric gets closer, he hears their god is Azulhar. Beric thinks its a plain being and not a god. He remebers a Baylor of the same name. Darren steps out and says that the group should not sacrifice the girl. The chief responds by stabbing the girl and fire errupts from her. Beric attacks by getting in between Darren and the chief instructing his fire elemetal to burn his face and “inflict moderate wounds” is cast. The chief mumbles something and the elemental is sucked into a portal and the spell is not affecting towards him. Darren takes a bad hit from the chief. Storm Burst is done on the chief and the minions by Persephone to obscure the foes attacks even more. The chief retreats with the fresh sacrifice letting his minions to deal with the group. The minions are killed soon after. Mortimer yells to get into the nearby building. They all go into the building shutting the door. Lighting a candle they find five chests and go to inspect them. Each chest has a treasure the team keeps.

The team goes upstairs and finds a bunch of room on the right. and left. Nothing of interest is found in the west wing. The east wing has nothing of interest either. They go back down the stairs and find a basement. The basement has ankle deep water on the floor. An ornately door which is handleless stands before the group. The large gold coins fit into the slots into the door. The door swivels open. Valtyra props the door with a chest from upstairs. The room beyond is dark; it looks to be an entry hall. The water washes the remnants of a rug away. Persephone casts “Dancing Lights” to illuminate the hall. The hall ends in a door. A symbol of a hammer and a compass is on the door. Beric opens the door and pushes it open. A large brass disc can be seen on the floor. Beric steps on the plate and it sinks in the floor; the rest of the group jumps on as it goes down. After five minutes the light from the top can’t be seen. Eventually a set of double doors can be seen on one side going down one walkway. Light eminates around. The doors are made of polished metal. No dust or tracks can be seen. The group moves into the hallway towards the doors. Another hallway goes left and right in front of the doors. The door feels smooth to the touch according to Valtyra. A sound of metal on stone is getting louder. A bright blue disk can be seen on eah of the guards. The guard on the right says “Waiting query.”

Valtyra eventually asks to get a tour which the robot golem says should not be a problem. This is storage room 3A with tools of the Architect. The next room is chuck’s bar and grill. The next corner THis is testing room three D is them htosrming. This is storage room E3.

The group goes to Chuck’s Bar and Grill. Patrons of every race can be seen. Effects keep the place illuninated. A barkeep named Chuck sells Beric two large coins. Lazarall is who gave the large coins to him before Beric bought them. Valtyra gets a card from Chuck which is magical. All the members go out the door. The next door is a hospital. The group walke to the end of the hallway. Blood stains the walls, body parts liter the area, a page for a “Dr. Spense” can be heard in the distance. The group leaves the hospital.

The group goes through the garden door. A white stag stares at the group and then retreats into the forest after it shakes its head in disapproval. A circular stone can be seen 300 yard away. The sound of sticks can be heard on the other side of the stone block. A gnome gets off his mushroom chair and approaches the group saying “Ain’t suppose to be here”. Persephone tries to leave out the door but is unable. Valtyra goes back to the gnome and says they can’t leave. Using her diplomacy he says if they get summer stone from the fairies he might help us leave. He head towards the forest. The forest is light. The grounds seem cared for almost like they’re being tended. Persephone notices a traditional faery flitering about in the leaves above. Persephone asks if they can be helped to see the garden. The faery says she can and they follow.

Eventually a small cottage with a nice garden is seen. The fairy says this is Lady Elan’s house. The fairy says she can bring the two ladies to be introduced but not Darren (he’s mean) and reluctantly Beric. A humanoid size adult woman with wings approaches to the gate of the garden. The fairy is greeeted. and told she has done well bringing the team to her. The fairy is told to get into the house to get a treat. Lady Elan invites us to come to the porch. Lady Elan sits up next to placing her hips next to Beric and entangling her hands with his. He seems to have a smile on his face. Beric is asked if the gnomes and fairies can be brought together. Gundle is summoned – a fairy – and she is suppose to be wed to Bruno – a gnome. If Beric succeeds then the other three of the group will get a large coin as a reward. Gundle and Lady Elan go into the house.

Beric gets the idea to make a love potion. After a time a potion smelling of roses and cookes is created. Beric asks what gnomes like to eat. Mushrooms are the answer given. The group heads back towards where the gnome is. The stag appears and shows the group that the mushrooms are underground. One is dug up and taken to the a stream to clean it. The love potion is placed via the gills under the mushroom and vines are placed together to make a container for the mushroom.

The group goes back to where they first met Bruno the gnome. Using an elaborate ruse Beric get the gnome and the fairy to eat the love potioned mushroom. They fall in love and soon all the gnome and fairies are falling for each other. Persephone and Valtyra are given the large coins she promised and a lock of hair from Lady Elan is given to Beric. She explains the hair is able to give a bonus to performance checks (ie dance, acting, alchemy, etc). She asks he return within a year to renew the effects of the hair saying he needs to get to the FIRST WORLD. The group is now able to leave and have a total of five tokens. They are now in the hallway. The group goes to the toolchest door. A windy contraption is seen that is 300 feet tall and 40 feet wide. Nine boxes are spaced randomly around it of varying sizes. Each box has a door. Darren finds a door his size and finds levers and dials in the door. Darren goes through a door and closes it. He starts to push buttons. Eventually an anthropomorphic hippopotomus comes out. A green light is seen by Darren and he pushes it. A robotic brass golem comes forward and begins. Darren explains what happened to him in the box. The golem explains it’s the Anima Engine.
Persephone tries to leave and the golem says no one can leave until the rest do the test. Valtyra goes into the box and come out a kitten. Beric hits all seven buttons at once like a cord on a piano. Beric is told he can ask question. He asks how to fix human back to a human. The door opens; he can then leave. Persephone goes into a box after Beric explains what he did. She hits the same cords Beric did. Persephone emerges as a golden female satyr. (half goat/half human). Mortimer goes into a box. He emerges as an anthropomorphic boar. All combonations are revealed to everyone. We all leave as we ended up.

The party goes to the Dragon door. Chilly mountain air hits us and a cavern entrance is 100 yards away. They go to the cave view. Looking around the group sees a bridge connecting two mountains. They go across the bridge and go to another cavern. Valtyra as a grey calico kitty enters the cave seeing treasure – gold – everywhere. Creeping closer she tries to see what color the dragon is. She comes back to the group reporting what she found. She then goes back in and lies next to the dragon and purrs. The mound moves and an eye looks at her. Valtyra asks if it can help her. The dragon says he can’t. Aurafarris, is the dragon’s name, says that others may approach. He asks each of the group’s name. Darren asks if they can trade token for coins. Persephone shows him the type of coins the group wants and he returns with three saying they can have them for free. The group goes back to the hallway. Upon going through Valtyra is normal but naked. She is given her clothes back.

The group goes back to the main door. The iron golem activates. The group touches the door. A disk is in the center of the room. It appears a golem processing area is frozen. Berric tries to move the levers but nothing happnes. Persephone tries it and the machine starts saying animus energy transfer begin. After time all the animus energy leaves her body and she goes back to normal. Darren and Mortimer follow suit resulting in an almost completed golem. Beric returns to the animus room to go through the process again. He emerges as an animated sofa. He goes into the hallway and returns to the golem making room. Manipulateing the levers on the podium it sucks out the animous energy out of Beric. The machine announces the golem is online. Mortimer says the golem will allow us to go through the back door. Golem when instructed goes into travel mode and becomes a twelve inch figure. Valtyra randomly moves levers and the disk on the floor opens revealing five chests of treasure.

The group asends the elevator to the basement and get out.



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