The Kingmaker

B Team Eastern Trading Company Return Trip

The return trip through the underdark begins. The wheels are removed from the carts and the entire party slides down a lava tube as the slogs (the creatures that pull the carts) grease the channel. 7 goblins riding stone boards attack as we are moving through the tube but are defeated. Vilamia takes an arrow in the shoulder and in the thigh. Arkorian is severely wounded with a broken wing and shattered jaw and could not speak for 2 days.
The caravan makes camp on the open plain. During the night, 4 guards suddenly disappear, leaving only their clothes. The only known commonality is that all were from Nidal. This leaves the party short-handed
Twinkling lights have been seen in the distance for 2 days now. We travel on and make camp the next night. Val, Akorian and Vilamia all pull guard duty as the twinkling lights come into range. Akorian Val, and Halsion are inexplicably drawn to one of the glowing orbs, which turns out to be a small winged woman. The woman actually turns out to a decoy attached to a monster (such as an angler fish) on the edge of the darkness. It attacks Akorian and is consuming him from the bottom up (winner winner chicken dinner). Val is completely enthralled and lays down next to Akorian as he is being consumed. Vilamia rouses the camp and it flees. Before it goes, it takes it’s forked tongue and pumps 3 eggs into the stomachs of Akorian and Val. Vilamia fires an arrow after it, but hits Val instead.

The presence of the eggs goes unnoticed by the healers, and the party continues on, arriving shortly at a Duergar (deep dwarves) city.

We move on through the underdark. Three days later, Akorian wakes up with serious stomach pains and feels the urgent need to relieve himself. The next day Val has the same sensation, and notices 3 tiny creatures among the excrement. Vilamia kills 2 with a throwing star, which brings on an attack of a hoard of the creatures. The last is placed in a jar for examination by the healers but they have no interest. The creatures destroy one of the carts entirely, but when Akorian opens the jar and leaves it on the road, the creatures allow the caravan to escape.

The caravan enters a fungal jungle, where the party feels a strong sense of being watched. The area was once inhabited by veggie pygmies, but the tribe has not been seen in several trips. The group makes camp in the jungle and Val, Akorian and Vilamia set around a fire while on guard duty. There is a commotion on the opposite side of the camp, and a guard informs the team that veggie pygmies have abducted 2 of the men. The team tracks one of the pygmies to their village, where the 2 men are staked out near a pool of black pudding slime which is moving toward them. The group tries to intimidate the tribe, but the tribe backs away exclaiming that their god, (the black ooze) will defeat the party (Black Death, Black Death, Black Death!!).
Black_Pudding_for_Paizo_by_MichaelJaecks.jpg Vilamia is sucked inside the ooze. Val throws a lit lantern oil bottle at it, but instead of destroying the creature, it ignites and turns it into a giant fire pudding which causes both acid and fire damage. Vilamia is able to fight her way free but is badly injured. Val is killed with the next attack from the creature, but the ever loyal Xing flies in to retrieve her body and return her lifeless form to the camp.
Vilamia knocks 3 veggie pygmies into the ooze and Akorian throws his dark phoenix feather into the dark mess. The incredible heat births a large purple dark phoenix which battles the fire pudding. The fiery battle ignites 62% of the environment, as Akorian, Vilimia and the 2 freed guards run back to the camp. The giant red orb, which turns out to be a giant crystal spider, descends to join the fray.
Meanwhile, Val has been resurrected by the caravan healers, and informs them of the heated battle. The caravan immediately starts packing up and is moving by the time the missing party members return. The group is able to make it out of the cavern and make their way to the the next stopping point, a Drow city.
darklands.jpg Val and Vilamia purchase a 9 year old Dwarven girl and a 6 year old Drow girl to return with them and be freed. The caravan returns to the surface and ends their journey where it began, in Oppara, Taldor.
Each party member receives an Eastern Trading Company token with the number one on it. If anyone chooses to do another trip, presenting the token will demand a higher rate of pay. The next caravan will depart in 4 months and will last another 6 months. Each party member was paid their wight in gold for the first journey.

The party spends the night in Oppara, does some shopping, then returns to Tol-Ivrengond by airship.

Val rents an apartment in the residential district of the island for 20 plats a month (1 year paid up front) to accommodate her growing family.

Akorian pays Daltros’ gnomes to upgrade his sword, the portable enemy ignitor 5000 (PEI)

Karis is not on the island, nor are any of the rest of the A team. The party asks Ellasaria where they have gone or if there are any awaiting assignments. She directs them to the airship which will soon depart with party supplies for Nidol where Karis and her party are currently working. The B team departs on the airship, and Val brings the girls with, but leaves them with friends to enjoy the party.

The party searches for Karis and the A team. they question knights near the palace about their location. The knights seem edgy, but seem reverent at the mention of the name Radriar Darwin. The party is informed that king Sebastian Cross and Radriar Darwin banished Zon-Kuthon and enacted the great Kuthon purge and freed the people of the country. The Kuthites simply vanished.
The knights seem protective still of Radriar Darwin and his friends, but after the showing of the Trellorn and Associates pins, they reveal rumors that the party is staying at the home of Sebastian Cross outside of the city. The knights also inform the party that the city, Pangolias, has now been renamed New Castle.
A shopkeeper informs the party of the changes to the city, including the cutting down of trees to let in more sunlight, and the exodus of many former slaves to the area known as Orolos Quay, where it is rumored that there will be a wonderful surprise.
The party speaks with another set of knights outside of the Cross Estate and is able to exchange messages with Karis. Karis explains that they are lying low with Radriar so that Sebastian Cross can be firmly established as the new king, and to return in 2 weeks for the coronation. Through an additional message exchange, the party learns from Karis that Orolos Quay is 3.5 days journey northwest of the estate on the ocean, and used to be a smugglers den. The party takes to the road and follows the people headed toward Orolos Quay. The rumor is that there may be a big building project or a land grab, or plentiful jobs. There are conflicting accounts, but high excitement among the travelers. When the party nears Orolos Quay, they view a huge tent city surrounding a massive building project with a large keep, temples, stone docks, etc. The construction runs through the night and round the clock. The people are excited and eager to work. Val and Vilamia are suspicious that Taldor may be behind this.
The party approaches the keep which is guarded by a host of knights bearing a crest with a sun split by a longsword with a crown in the corner. They will not tell the purpose of the keep, but do allow entry into the engineering tent where the party meets Telonicus (pink haired gnome), master engineer and Daltros’ teacher.
After visiting the temples, and the dock, the party runs across Surly Jack’s Tavern, where the dwarven barkeep, Folgrim Axesmasher, reveals that the city is being built as a gift for Radriar Darwin, who they wish to become the duke of this land. After he accepts, the workers will be unleashed on the city as its new inhabitants.
Finkle is the business partner of Folgrim. He is a gnomish inventor that created a beer making machine. Telonicus visits the tavern often to fight with Finkle.
Akorian has some Dwarven stout ale and becomes inebriated. Val and Vilamia make plans to work at the bar that evening.

Everyone leveled this session.



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