The Kingmaker

The B Team Part Deux continues: Living on the Edge
As told by Chet Cavanaugh who lost his last chronicled summary AAAGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The B Team is at the Tanaroha ( Sea Turtle village). Tito has said the group can go to the high wall with the other citizens and find the key components to get assemble a device to find the key. It is now the morning of the day they will depart. A large congreation is gathering at the gate. The party approaches the wall and starts to smell a sulpher noticing tar pits that almost act like a moat around the wall. A small bridge leads over the pits towards the door the gate. The bridge is composed of two trees bound by iron and a pulley system to move it across the moat. The ages of those going across vary from mid to late teens. Some seem eager while others are apprehensive. A mom goes around to annoit various teens with insencse. The door opens a sliver and the teens start to go through the door. The team moves forward. The doors look to be 12 feet thick as the team goes through. One weaponless teen chants and disappears while others make weapons out of wood.

Tito says he is going south with a group along the wall. Mortimer says we have to go north into the jungle. The jungle looks to have massive trees and a set of mountains can be seen in the distance among the mist. The group goes to the north. Once in the jungle the fog moves in behind the group. The sun barely streams between the canopy. Birds can be heard as can other animals. After some time, rot or decay can be detected with spungy ground. The group realizes they are in a bog. A skeleton is seen strung up between two trees with rotted flesh still attached. “Detect Evil” is cast by Darren and Beric casts “Detect Undead”: Nothing within 60 feet.

Trees at this point tend to be thinned out and bunched over as the bog takes over from the jungle. Mortimer explains the group is looking for an ancient village. Pidge is asked to turn into an eagle and fly to find the village. Persephone casts " Heightened Awareness" on herself. The group comes across another skeleton on a sandbar that is like the last one burnt with some flesh on it. Beric uses his magic arcana skill and sees that the black areas that are charred are magically induced as they still radiate heat. The skeleton appears humanoid and the girth of the hips incline the group to think it was a male. Fifteen feet out from the sandbar Persephone is dragged under by an anaconda. It takes some time but the anaconda is eventually killed but Persephone ends up with a broken right wrist. Beric and Darren use spells and a splint to set the wrist. Beric and Persephone suddenly hear a drum in the northeast.

Pidge returns and indicates a village is in the general direction of where they are going. A stone city can be seen and the drum were getting louder and then they stopped suddenly. Noticing a number of mounds, the group heads towards the nearest one. It looks like the mound is made out of pus, vines, sticks, etc. The group goes to climb the next mound and upon touching it vines start to entangle the group and a toothy maw opens in the center of the vine. Using spells Beric and Persephone end up killing the plantly creature. A skeleton is found in the mound with a pouch. Valtyra takes the pouch and finds 14 coins. The group div\vies them up.

With one mound left the group swims around it and is attacked by pirannah. Persephone and Darren are attacked by the fish as the other two swim to safety. After a few rounds the two are out of the water. Using his alchemy skill, Beric creates a nasty smelling paste. Persephone uses “summon swarm” to get a rat to test the pasty salve for Darren who has lost all flesh and muscle around his thumb. The rat’s reaction does not indicate anything detramental so it is applied to Darren. Upon touching the salve he strips off his clothes and starts to act like he is on crack as he streaks away yelling “I want to be free with my PEOPLE!!” Valtyra tackles him to the ground and covers up his mouth. The rest of the group piles on his to keep him still. After a few minutes he undulates and shake and then acts normal. The euphoria seems to be over but his thumb has now hardened with the salve over.

Persephone and the others get off Darren and they all see fire in the distance. The group heads toward the flame light. The stone structures are dilapidated most missing at least one wall with lichen on the walls. From afar from the ally the group sees a large bonfire in the distance. Stealthing down there the group makes its way to the fire. Eventually they see humaniod creatures about our height with black paint and loin cloths. One has a large bone mask. Some one or some thing is tied to stake nearby as he speaks his language. Mortimer thinks this is the Bitter Ash Tribe. Beric and Persephone cast “Comprehend Langauges” to understand the bone masked native. The group plans to sacrifice the tied up person and cause him/her to be reborn as one of the tribe. Heading to the right stealthing, the group sees the tied up person is a member of the elk, a woman, tied up in a pentagram with fire at each point. The group is on the second floor looking down to see all below. Casting enthrall, summoning a fire elemental to surround him and resistance to fire Beric steps out acting as a god. Three followers turn to him. They ask why he is there and are clearly not enthralled. As Beric gets closer, he hears their god is Azulhar. Beric thinks its a plain being and not a god. He remebers a Baylor of the same name. Darren steps out and says that the group should not sacrifice the girl. The chief responds by stabbing the girl and fire errupts from her. Beric attacks by getting in between Darren and the chief instructing his fire elemetal to burn his face and “inflict moderate wounds” is cast. The chief mumbles something and the elemental is sucked into a portal and the spell is not affecting towards him. Darren takes a bad hit from the chief. Storm Burst is done on the chief and the minions by Persephone to obscure the foes attacks even more. The chief retreats with the fresh sacrifice letting his minions to deal with the group. The minions are killed soon after. Mortimer yells to get into the nearby building. They all go into the building shutting the door. Lighting a candle they find five chests and go to inspect them. Each chest has a treasure the team keeps.

The team goes upstairs and finds a bunch of room on the right. and left. Nothing of interest is found in the west wing. The east wing has nothing of interest either. They go back down the stairs and find a basement. The basement has ankle deep water on the floor. An ornately door which is handleless stands before the group. The large gold coins fit into the slots into the door. The door swivels open. Valtyra props the door with a chest from upstairs. The room beyond is dark; it looks to be an entry hall. The water washes the remnants of a rug away. Persephone casts “Dancing Lights” to illuminate the hall. The hall ends in a door. A symbol of a hammer and a compass is on the door. Beric opens the door and pushes it open. A large brass disc can be seen on the floor. Beric steps on the plate and it sinks in the floor; the rest of the group jumps on as it goes down. After five minutes the light from the top can’t be seen. Eventually a set of double doors can be seen on one side going down one walkway. Light eminates around. The doors are made of polished metal. No dust or tracks can be seen. The group moves into the hallway towards the doors. Another hallway goes left and right in front of the doors. The door feels smooth to the touch according to Valtyra. A sound of metal on stone is getting louder. A bright blue disk can be seen on eah of the guards. The guard on the right says “Waiting query.”

Valtyra eventually asks to get a tour which the robot golem says should not be a problem. This is storage room 3A with tools of the Architect. The next room is chuck’s bar and grill. The next corner THis is testing room three D is them htosrming. This is storage room E3.

The group goes to Chuck’s Bar and Grill. Patrons of every race can be seen. Effects keep the place illuninated. A barkeep named Chuck sells Beric two large coins. Lazarall is who gave the large coins to him before Beric bought them. Valtyra gets a card from Chuck which is magical. All the members go out the door. The next door is a hospital. The group walke to the end of the hallway. Blood stains the walls, body parts liter the area, a page for a “Dr. Spense” can be heard in the distance. The group leaves the hospital.

The group goes through the garden door. A white stag stares at the group and then retreats into the forest after it shakes its head in disapproval. A circular stone can be seen 300 yard away. The sound of sticks can be heard on the other side of the stone block. A gnome gets off his mushroom chair and approaches the group saying “Ain’t suppose to be here”. Persephone tries to leave out the door but is unable. Valtyra goes back to the gnome and says they can’t leave. Using her diplomacy he says if they get summer stone from the fairies he might help us leave. He head towards the forest. The forest is light. The grounds seem cared for almost like they’re being tended. Persephone notices a traditional faery flitering about in the leaves above. Persephone asks if they can be helped to see the garden. The faery says she can and they follow.

Eventually a small cottage with a nice garden is seen. The fairy says this is Lady Elan’s house. The fairy says she can bring the two ladies to be introduced but not Darren (he’s mean) and reluctantly Beric. A humanoid size adult woman with wings approaches to the gate of the garden. The fairy is greeeted. and told she has done well bringing the team to her. The fairy is told to get into the house to get a treat. Lady Elan invites us to come to the porch. Lady Elan sits up next to placing her hips next to Beric and entangling her hands with his. He seems to have a smile on his face. Beric is asked if the gnomes and fairies can be brought together. Gundle is summoned – a fairy – and she is suppose to be wed to Bruno – a gnome. If Beric succeeds then the other three of the group will get a large coin as a reward. Gundle and Lady Elan go into the house.

Beric gets the idea to make a love potion. After a time a potion smelling of roses and cookes is created. Beric asks what gnomes like to eat. Mushrooms are the answer given. The group heads back towards where the gnome is. The stag appears and shows the group that the mushrooms are underground. One is dug up and taken to the a stream to clean it. The love potion is placed via the gills under the mushroom and vines are placed together to make a container for the mushroom.

The group goes back to where they first met Bruno the gnome. Using an elaborate ruse Beric get the gnome and the fairy to eat the love potioned mushroom. They fall in love and soon all the gnome and fairies are falling for each other. Persephone and Valtyra are given the large coins she promised and a lock of hair from Lady Elan is given to Beric. She explains the hair is able to give a bonus to performance checks (ie dance, acting, alchemy, etc). She asks he return within a year to renew the effects of the hair saying he needs to get to the FIRST WORLD. The group is now able to leave and have a total of five tokens. They are now in the hallway. The group goes to the toolchest door. A windy contraption is seen that is 300 feet tall and 40 feet wide. Nine boxes are spaced randomly around it of varying sizes. Each box has a door. Darren finds a door his size and finds levers and dials in the door. Darren goes through a door and closes it. He starts to push buttons. Eventually an anthropomorphic hippopotomus comes out. A green light is seen by Darren and he pushes it. A robotic brass golem comes forward and begins. Darren explains what happened to him in the box. The golem explains it’s the Anima Engine.
Persephone tries to leave and the golem says no one can leave until the rest do the test. Valtyra goes into the box and come out a kitten. Beric hits all seven buttons at once like a cord on a piano. Beric is told he can ask question. He asks how to fix human back to a human. The door opens; he can then leave. Persephone goes into a box after Beric explains what he did. She hits the same cords Beric did. Persephone emerges as a golden female satyr. (half goat/half human). Mortimer goes into a box. He emerges as an anthropomorphic boar. All combonations are revealed to everyone. We all leave as we ended up.

The party goes to the Dragon door. Chilly mountain air hits us and a cavern entrance is 100 yards away. They go to the cave view. Looking around the group sees a bridge connecting two mountains. They go across the bridge and go to another cavern. Valtyra as a grey calico kitty enters the cave seeing treasure – gold – everywhere. Creeping closer she tries to see what color the dragon is. She comes back to the group reporting what she found. She then goes back in and lies next to the dragon and purrs. The mound moves and an eye looks at her. Valtyra asks if it can help her. The dragon says he can’t. Aurafarris, is the dragon’s name, says that others may approach. He asks each of the group’s name. Darren asks if they can trade token for coins. Persephone shows him the type of coins the group wants and he returns with three saying they can have them for free. The group goes back to the hallway. Upon going through Valtyra is normal but naked. She is given her clothes back.

The group goes back to the main door. The iron golem activates. The group touches the door. A disk is in the center of the room. It appears a golem processing area is frozen. Berric tries to move the levers but nothing happnes. Persephone tries it and the machine starts saying animus energy transfer begin. After time all the animus energy leaves her body and she goes back to normal. Darren and Mortimer follow suit resulting in an almost completed golem. Beric returns to the animus room to go through the process again. He emerges as an animated sofa. He goes into the hallway and returns to the golem making room. Manipulateing the levers on the podium it sucks out the animous energy out of Beric. The machine announces the golem is online. Mortimer says the golem will allow us to go through the back door. Golem when instructed goes into travel mode and becomes a twelve inch figure. Valtyra randomly moves levers and the disk on the floor opens revealing five chests of treasure.

The group asends the elevator to the basement and get out.

The B-Team Part Deux: The New Member (August 6, 2016)
as told by Chet Cavanaugh the Chronicler

Well it’s been awhile but hey I’m a busy god. I have places to go and characters to see. But I dirgress….Sooooo

Two exits are available for the heroes: a north one and a northeastern one. Persephone inspects the room; the northeast tunnel looks more traveled than the north one. The girl does not know which tunnel to take as she was blind folded and prevented from talking. The party decides to take the northeast tunnel. Suddenly metal against stone can be heard, echoing from the northeast part of the chamber. The party sneaks towards the sound and find a cobalt with two humans near him. One human is old and the other is young. They are mining ore. Persephone sneaks behind the overseer striking him successfully. The young man mining ore sees this action. Valtera stabs the overseer in the leg while Darren shield bashes him. The colbalt is down but not out. The young man swings his pick hitting the guard burying the tool in his head.

The party inquires about the health of the two captives. The old man inquires about the date and says his name is Mortirmer. The young man introduces himself as BERIC DARION. The group introduces themselves to the now two free captives. Pigde the squirrel Valtyra’s companion chitters his introductoin. Beric explains he was travleing to the Temple of Desnah before he was nabbed. Neither captive has seen children but they do hear them in the tunnels. Pidge turns into a blood hound to try to find the children. Beric joins us to help the children as the Mortimer. Pidge indicates to take the north bound tunnel to look for the children with his nose to the ground. The overseer is inspected for items just before leaving. Master work heavy pick, Steel mining pick, and greeves are found. Following Pidge he suddenly stops growling and lowing himself. The room ahead has slime on the walls and floor but the ceiling can’t be seen. The slime is a secretion from the Slurk (frog like creatures). Darren goes ahead with Persephone following; he suddenly sees out the corner of his eye a boulder that moves. He whispers a warning to the others. Beric casts “Luck” to allow rerolling. The Slurk awakens as the group tries to sneak by. The large tusk toad has a colbalt rider in its teeth. Valtyra leads the group into attack. It takes some time and some slime but finally the Slurk is killed with Mortimer striking the final blow. The cave is searched for loot. The dead cobalt is found to have a book on him. “The Care and Taming of Slurks” is the title of the manuel.

The party continues up the stairs at the end of the room. Darren slips on the steps and falls downwards breaking his little pinky finger. He is able to splint it but not heal it completely. At the top of the stairs the group finds itself in a central hub torn between the north and the west ignoring the south from wence we came. Darren finds tracks going to the north tunnel. Eventually the group hears the cry of children. A tunnel going to the north has four cages with one child in each at the end of the room. A dozen colbalt warriors and two large ones are in the room. Some are asleep; but enough are up to be a problem to get to the children. The cages look to be made of flimsy wood enough to keep kids in but not strong enough to hold a healthy person. Beric summons a rocky elemental to dig a tunnel from our area to the first cage and them the next cage and so on and then leading to the northwest tunnel. Being covered in slime from our slurk encounter helps to travel the tunnel.

The kids are released in this order: Hollen ,red haired boy with green eyes, Jordan, blond stocky boy, Sarum, and Alarah boy blond girl with green eyes. Kimmy is missing having been taken according to the other kids by a big person. Mortimer volunteers to stay with the children while the party rescues/searches for Kimmy. Moving forward the tunnel ends into the room of the colbalt king using the centipede husk for room decoration. The king can be easily seen. Beric uses his “Detect Alignment” ablilty on the king. The king rises up and the party notices he has one red eye and one dead. He sees the party and attacks. Persephone uses “Thorn Javelin” and impales the boss in the shoulder pining him to the wall (natural 20); as a follow up Persephone stabs him in the neck with her trident critically hitting again (natural 20). Blood gushes out of his neck. Beric uses his dagger to make the neck wound worse. Persephone then hexes the boss with STORM BURST. The king shoots “Magic Missle” at Persephone. “Daze” is then used on the oracle but is unsuccessful on Darren. Valtyra tries to grapple with him but is unsuccessful. Persephone is unsuccessful as well. However, Beric hits the boss again for some damage. The boss hits both Persephone and Darren badly. Persephone strikes the final blow with her trident. The boss is looted by the group.

A room goes off to the east. A cozy chamber with a bed, stone alter with the body of a dead girl with the heart missing; an obsidian knife is beside the alter. The girl looks like the description for Kimmy. The group looks for the heart; not found. The search does come up with eight non magical bracelets. A search of the room comes up with no other way out. Wrapping up Kimmy in the red cloak and the wolf skin, the group takes her with them. The group heads back to Mortimer and the kids. Upon meeting them, the group explains that Kimmy was found dead. Using the tunnel the party avoids the colbalts and backtrack a way out. Pidge leads us out to the forest and we head towards Falcon’s Hollow going through Darkmoon Vale. After a time, the party makes camp. Persephone makes camp and sets the tent.

Stories are told by Darren and Mortimer while the party eats. Mortimer tells how he met the Monkey King and his group (the rest of the B Team) have their ship taken over by a group a serpent people took two ships away from Valtera and her friends. The serpent men are looters and live on an island. Mortimer brandishes a map saying that it was what got him adventuring. Persephone and Valtyra recognize the B Team original names in the tale.

Everyone takes watch. Persephone and Darren wake up for their watch (the third one). Persephone has growths on her chin and hair falling out and skin has a blackish hue on her head. She had Darren rouse Mortimer and Beric. Persephone explains about the varighoul attack and her concerns about her health and looks and being a possible danger to the party and the kids. Beric explains that the verighoul are evil creatures from the infernal plane. They have tenticles hanging from their chin and fangs. He goes on to explain they have a hideous method of reproduction by kissing victims where their head will everntually fall off creating another verighoul.

The kids wake up and the party goes back to the town passing Boulbeena home. The returned children run to their folks while Darren rather bluntly tells the mayor his daughter did not make it. Stunned the mayor drops the coin purse reward and takes his daughter away. The rest of the town gives money and food to the heroes. The ingredients are brought to Roots and Remedies shop. Persephone asks about her condition. The cleric there does not but suggests a person in Magnimar might know. Persephone slinks away; meeting Mortimer outside she asks to be taken to Malistar’s Island to the Desdale town (The Shackles) to see his high priestess. They gain passage to Almas, Andoran. From there the party gets passage to the Shackles where Mortimer says the priestess is located. Persephone pays for Mortimer as well as her own.

As the party sails to the island Persephone’s condition worsens on the third day. She starts to have visions of fire and brimestone (nightmares) more hair is falling out. On the fifth day, mist is seen and Mortimer sees the peak of his island in the middle of the mist. The sixth day skin her throat swells and the skin reddens and peeling; she can’t swallow much. After rough surf and boat ends up in calm waters in Malistar’s Island. The plank is lowered and Persephone runs to the church that she sees her friends follow. Casting “Heightened Awareness” to make her more alert. She soon enters the cathedral. A woman pops her head up and her friend let the woman know a medical condition. The priestess is fetched; once there Valtyra explains what happened to Persephone and Beric chimes in with his information. Persephone is set down. The priestess sets her hand on her and starts to pray to the gods. The room takes on a misty look with the insense. Beric notices the stain glassed window with the symbol starts to glow. Persephone suddenly sits up with an angry welt around her neck and bald but otherwise okay. Persephone asks what happended. She is told the goddess RYO help remove the poison from her. Persephone thanks her profusely and tells her she can have anything. The priestess indicates the collection box. I shakely walk to the collections box and drop off 100 gold pieces into it. The priestess says her name is Everly. The band introduces themselves and the woman they saw is named Margret. The werewolf curse is also not an issue as it has been over seven days and a full moon has passed and nothing has happened.

The party goes to the local tavern to rest ordering ale. Mortimer joins the party dressed in clean cloths. Mortimer suggest the Palm Leaf Plaza for shops. He takes the group to an area with plenty of palms and shops aplenty. Timeless Treasures is where Mortimer takes the party to trade the jewelery they have acquired. They recieve 100 gold pieces for the jewelery. Next they are taken to a shop around the corner called the Curly Succubus (a magic shop) to trade the battle ax and the crown. A small wizend hapling approaches and the group presents the currator with the battle axe. The shop keeper suggest we take it to Phony Manticore for trade since it is a weapon against humans. The crown is then presented and the shop keeper does seem interested in it. He makes an offer of 7500 gold pieces. Instead Beric makes a counteroffer of trading for plus one rings. The party get two RINGS OF PROTECTION + and one +1 RING OF DEXTERITY. They go to the where the Curly Succubus is located. As we get to the dock Beric and Darren see a shady person coming up from the dock. We go below to the dock and Persephone finds a manticore carving on a post. Darren puts his finger in a hole in the carving; a click happens and a door opens. The party enters and a similar looking shopkeeper greats them. The weapons are shown to the shopkeeper. The tale of how the weapon was acquired by the party. The curator indicates he is willing to trade. A shield is traded for the axe. The party is asked to return if any other items are acquired. They all leave going up the ladder.

The party comes a smith called The Thunder Nut. The first dwarf everyone has seen here greets them and invites them into the armor/leather work store. Each group member makes deals and trades to gain better weapons and armor. Mortimer is still with us. The party plans to inquire about his map to the Monkey King treasure on the island of serpent people.

The A Team: Sail Away (April 5, 2015)

Using Elderon’s STORM KEY, the group travels to Tien-Ko so Elderon can exchange some of his irridium but a storm there has closed most of the shops including the bank. Porting back home, the travelers decide to sail to Absalom via the WHISPERING WIND. Two days from port a ship with black flags is seen on the horizon behind the WHISPERING WIND. Elderon summons a wind to increase the speed of the ship but for a time the ship on the horizon keeps pace until just before dark where it slips behind the horizon. The next day four more ships are seen in passing coming from the direction of Absalom with white sails on their masts moving at a good clip. The crow’s nest identifies one ship as LADY LUCK. The captain sends a carrier bird over to inquire about Absalom and the weather. The bird soon returns with news that the ports in the country of Qadira are closed but the weather is fair. In return, the crew of the WHISPERING WIND warn those on the LADY LUCK that a black sailed ship was sighted and to be careful. The rest of the trip in uneventful.

Upon docking the in Absalom the party goes to their bank to remove half of their funds (5000 platinum) with Steven (the banker) help. Next off they go to their shop and inquire about business. Zenia asks about the war between Taldor and Qadira. Their shopkeeper explains about the war between the two countries and how Taldor controls half of Qadira from the border to the mountains.

The B-Team Part Deux: The Dwarven Ruins (03-19-2016)
as told by Chet Cavanaugh the Chronicler

Well now after getting the directions to the Dwarven Ruins this team of adventurers wasted no time standing about. After a bit of time our heroes come across a dwarven monastery in need of work (paint dull, holes in the roof, stable in shambles, etc). Valtera asks Pitch to turn into a blood hound to find the children. He can to it but it will take some time. Persephone creeps towards the structure and peers into through the door. Double doors can be seen as well as years of dead leaves about the room and entrance. Darren tries to open this door but sprains his finger instead (I guess we know who did not eat their Wheaties this morning). Peering under the door, Persephone sees a table and chairs shoved up against it. She breaks down the door with no problems (again she must have had breakfast) and the group finds a dwarven sized mummy on the floor with a scroll and dwarven light hammer – The Dwarven God of Turmoil, Nosgar – inscribed on it. After looking around, iron blue mushrooms are found. There is also another set of double doors.

These doors are opened and Persephone looks around for anything to salvage. She is suddenly attacked by a dark mantle. Valtera tries to beat it off but it does not work. Persephone changes into a porcupine (????!!!) doing little damage hoping it would let go. Instead it takes another bite into her with Darren’s attempt to help not helping. The creature’s tongue latches onto a beam across the ceiling as Persephone finally frees herself. At that moment, Valtera nails the monster with an arrow causing it to spasm and fall. Darren then struts over and chops its head off. No other monsters are found by the group in the room though some cheap armor and a few gold pieces are. Darren heals Persephone.

Moving on through the south door they all find themselves in a library full of moldy books. By rifling through the books Darren inhales the moldy spores causing 1 CON damage but he find an ornate book written by dwarves that is pristine. Leaving east out of the room down a hallway the group finds another door; it’s locked. Valtera uses her kick ass lock picking skills to open it. Darren then heads right in (again he didn’t eat Wheaties this morning) triggering a trap of rocks to fall on him knocking him unconscious. Persephone and Valtera start to remove the rubble only to have a lizard man with a spear show up and start stabbing at the downed hero. The two women attack it but it’s Darren, who wakes up and, delivers the fatal blow killing the monster.

The group continues to search the rooms of the structure eventually coming across one with bone littered all over the place and fur scattered about. Persephone figures out it’s wolf hair just as two come out and attack. Valtera dispatches one and Persephone the other after a brief battle. A stone archway is seen and the group goes through only to come up against a giant wolf. The wolf asks what their purpose is and Darren replies he’s looking for mushrooms. The wolf makes a deal that he’ll give up his mushrooms if the party gets rid of the monster in the tower. Heading to the tower, the group face off against a giant spider and win. Upon returning to the wolf (his name is Worg), he gives them his mushrooms but then attacks them (what a double crossing throw rug). The group eventually defeat Worg but not before he almost takes off Persephone’s left arm and her pinky from her left hand. Darren is able to heal her but she’ll have scars. A trap door is discovered and the party decides to camp out for the night.

The next day the group descend into the dungeon bumping into four cobalts two have weapons. They’re killed but the other two agree to help us. With the cobalts leading the way, the party eventually hear a ruckus and discover a battle between colbalts and murlowgrets going on. The sixteen soldiers see the group so they run with Persephone casting “obscuring mist” to cover their tracks. The two cobalts take them to an alternate route but that one leads them into a trap with a door coming down and two fire ghoulies attacking. Persephone kills one but not before it poisons her; the other kisses Darren and dies. Persephone quickly casts “delay poison”. Valtera opens the locked door by shooting the mechanism that caused it to close. The two young cobalts lead the adventurers to a painting with holes in it. Peeking through a robed cobalt (Kargemach is her name), five warrior cobalts and a child girl are seen. Bursting through the painting the heroes attack, saving the girl; her name is Sourum. A pair of doors leads off to the north and an elevator going down. They party descends killing two guards on their way down before they can alert anyone.

The B-Team Part Deux: Who are these people?

Darren, Valteria, and Persephone arrive in the town of Falcon’s Hallow in Andoran from their village run by Major Cole. They are looking for adventure and boy do they find it. After purchasing supplies at the The Goose & the Ganyard, they head off to the market where they hear about some nearby ruins (Elara’s Halfwayhouse) and missing kids: Holland, Jorreh, Mickra and Sourum. Darren wishes to go to the Roots & Remedies next to help take care of those in the town affected by Black Sour Disease. To help with the disease, Darren is asked to acquire the following: six mushrooms, small bushall of mold and a couple of rat tails. Gaining directions from the local children, the three adventurers enter the vale which also houses the ruins.

After traveling eight miles they reach the edge of the woods finding the charred remains of the halfway house. Soon crying is heard in the distance, causing Darren to rush off to help and the others following. Darren and company find a girl who says her name is Geava. She explains she knows where the missing children are explaining they have been taken by cobalts three days prior. Pitch – Valteria’s companion – turns into a unicorn to carry Geava as the three adventures go deeper into the forest. They come across the body of a half elf with their face bashed in and a covered in gore. Darren opens the bag and each party takes a goblet found inside. Unfortunately Darren chooses poorly and his goblet attacks him (it’s cursed). Vateria knocks the cup away slamming it into a tree. She makes a circle around it with a warning out the deadly cup.

Suddenly Geava attacks Persephone out of nowhere completely “Teen Wolf” -ed out. She rakes her claws and bites her into unconsciousness. Darren heals Persephone and after a long struggle the werechild is killed. The party finds a note on her stating where her treasure is located. The party follows the directions/map coming to a stump in the forest and crossing the tracks to the cobalts which lead in another direction. The group backtracks to the tracks and makes camp for the night. A giant mosquitoe tries to attack us but Darren swats it good during his watch. The next day we find three exanguinated fairy bodies pinned to a tree and a different set of tracks going in a different direction.

Using Arcane Mark, Persephone and the others follow the pixie killer tracks and find a home with a witch in it. Her name is Bolbeana and she gives the party a task to complete: kill tasleworm and she’ll give us rat tails. The three agree to the task and eventually defeat the tassleworm after pissing off the DM god with their indecision. They find plenty of good treasure as well as the mold they need. The witch holds up her end of the bargain when the party returns. Darren makes a deal to give the witch some of his hair in exchange for knowing where iron blood mushrooms can be found within the Dwarven Ruins.

"The Huntsman" - THE BEGINNING

Desmond Ashgaze, Thran Ironfist, Vlagroth, Legalass leaf green, woke up in the hull of a ship of the Qun empire, pressed into service for an upcoming battle. In this battle the team took a bank and were rewarded with drink and booty.

After a groggy awakening the group was recognized for their actions and reassigned under Dr. Nisk who tasked them with retrieving an artifact. After a long trek through the jungle, they came to a city of Ape-Men. They slipped through the city unnoticed into their temple, and after a confrontation with a drowner demon they retrieved said artifact.


The A Team: Another Dr. Nisk Encounter aka The Houdini Dude (for April 4, 2015)

Six hours later – the next morning – the Spyglass lets Radriar know he injected the potion in the vessel and then hid in the corner of the room. The Spyglass reports it saw a cloaked person enter the room many times. Then another person enters. The second humanoid looked like a grey, female wolf on two legs. The cloaked figure and the wolfish female talk a bit and then leave. They two were out of ear shot from the Spyglass but according to him it looked like they were having an arguement about something and the doctor finally relented. The doctor kills the sacrifice and banishes the demon. Before leaving the Spyglass hears the wolfish one say to the doctor: “Not to worry that they can walk through battle in Katheer and save the Mother’s Children and leash any of the fallen they choose.”

Karis allows the party to borrow her airship – with her crew under the capable Captain Kassida; Gunner Zeus and first mate Helena – to travel to Katheer, Qadira. The flight takes three days and there are no problems along the way. The A Team is dropped off at the northern end of the Northern Tapir Forest just south of the city. The captain says she’ll remain airborn until instructions are given. Eldaron takes on a servant girl disguise, Sylari makes herself look like a maid, Raidriar changes to look like an Absolonium Noble and Zenia uses her Garb of the Mysterious Stranger which cause people not to remember anything specific about her. So dressed, the adventurers head north on camels Eldaron summons. Raidriar has trouble riding his but under the calming presence of Karis’s husband the camel is calmed so the religious one can ride safely. At the edge of the forest where the Ketz Desert begins to assert itself the party starts to hear the sounds of battle. The party sees Qadira soldiers go by and we join them discretely. They all go into a giant green tent. Inside is a knight who is instructing various groups on where to go on the front lines. He plans to make a push back to the Pashman River. A tall spire-like floating building (250 feet tall and 125 feet wide) is raining fire down on the city of Katheer and Taldorian golems are attacking the city on the ground. Zenia uses her Falcon Range ability to see the spire better. She reports the being able to see balconies on the floating structure; fire suddenly blasts out the the spire to killing thirteen soldiers near the A Team. A hospital is then hit and Raidriar jumps into action to look for survivors. The rest of the party joins the battle.

The the chaos of battle Raidriar sees Dr. Nisk between two buildings and moves to pursue him. Suddenly a gray, furry bipedal creature appears in front of him thrusting two Kitana swords into his chest. They grapple. The wolf lady eventually eviscerates Raidriar killing him and shattering his armor. He resurrects immediately surprising his foe who tries to shoot him and misses. She runs. Meanwhile Zenia uses “Hide in Plain Sight” to cover Eldaron from the golems and soldiers and Sylari uses her insanely quickness to start a tornado to help destroy the spire. Eldaron uses his powerful magic to take control of the spire. He crashes the building into the ground covering it up with earth and sand. He then opens a fissure below it using “Earthquake” sinking the structure even more. Unfortunately Sylari’s F5 tornado she creates gets away from her. She and Eldaron get sucked into the tornado. Eldaron uses “Control Wind” to save himself and Sylari from the terrible winds. Radriar anchors himself to the ground while Zenia does not have to do anything due to her abilities as a ranger. Once safe from the wind Eldaron uses his powerful magic to open a fissure under the buried citidel so that lava can be used to finish it off. By the end of the encounter all of Katheer has been destroyed.

Qadiran soldiers soon find the group and ask them to dig up the buried vault. Sixteen hours later it is dug up. That night the group does not pull guard duty for the vault and return to the barracks. Using “Faerie Fire” as a distraction and their stealth abilities, the group sneaks away from the barracks unseen and make their way back to the vault finding the guards dead and the golden doors to the vault wide open. Realizing they are too late to stop Dr. Nisk the group uses their redo spell ability to turn back the clock one day. Upon the spell working the group immediately goes to the vault’s location. Elderon places earth over the party to hide them while they dig towards the vault. Eventually it’s unearthed and Sylari goes to work on picking the locks. Unfortunately she triggers one which causes her to fall into the vault and be attacked by a Terrask (giant dinosaur looking animal). It kills her. Before dying she is able to communicate what attacked her. Eldaron uses an elemental to fetch her body whereby he resurrects her. The monster is soon dealt with and the party enters the vault to find it full of treasure. Zenia and Eldaron summon twelve air elementals to move the treasure via a portal to their home Eldaron creates. Eventually the party notices elementals dying within sixty feet of a door within the vault. Scrying Eldaron figures out Dr. Nisk and his companion are on the other side picking out certain items. They leave via their own portal and Dr. Nisk throws a device into the room that immediately starts dissolving everything. The party leaves through their portal and manages to save about 18% of the items from the room Dr. Nisk was in.

Karis uses gollums to move the treasure while the party sifts through it for useful items. Afterwards they work together on improving their country’s navy. Twixt informs the group that there is a rumor of a city of giants within the Mushfens and that Dr. Nisk’s allies are called Hood and Leander. Sylari learns from her network that Absalom is next on Taldor’s list but it is not going to be done immediately. They also inform her that Hood is some type of weird wolf race. She asks the network these three questions: 1) What are the weaknesses of the Taldorian gollums? 2) Who does Dr. Nisk work for? 3)Who does Hood work for?

The A-Team: The Lady's Light and Dr. Nisk - Who Is This Guy??!! (From March 21, 2015)

The group learns Corvosa, the people of the Fenwell Mountains. Elderon is bummed because he still has no buyer for his homemade amulet. The group takes care of finances including the Earth elementals Elderon left to dig out platinum. To make the dig more successful aquatic gollums are sent to help. More forts, outposts and domestic construction is planned as well. Elderon trades nineteen percent of his iridium for platinum in Tien-Ko.

The party finds that one hundred soldiers aka “Red Shirts” of ours are ready to travel to the Lady’s Light to clean up the area. Elderon, Sylari and Zenia go with the soldiers along the coast road with Radriar staying behind. The first day finds no encounters and the group treats the soldiers to a huge dinner feast spending five platinums per plate. This raises moral through the roof as everyone enjoys the food and company. With Zenia setting an “Alarm” spell and Elderon changing some nearby swamp trees to tree ents to guard the camp, the first night ends up a quiet one.

The second day of travel along the coast goes slower because of the marshy terrain but they see from a distance that the Lady’s Light is now lit instead of dark. By late afternoon, the soldiers stop per the group for the night. Elderon creates a dome encampment with tree ents guarding and Zenia setting up “Alarm” spells. Another restful night passes the company. Continuing on early in the morning the party and soldiers end up by 9 AM at the land that juts out connecting to the Lady’s Light. The party sees movement around the Lady’s Light; party finds Boggarts (white pasty creature). The soldiers stay behind while the party advances. As the party approaches, two Boggarts start to make croaking sounds. When Elderon gets within fifteen feet the whole party understands these two are calling guards. Soon fifteen guards show up with weapons drawn. Zenia starts using “Flaming Sphere” and takes out many of the guards. Elderon casts “Juggarnaut” and “Spiked Stones” around perimeter of the room the party sees the guards coming from. A large amount of Boggarts – 350 – are soon dead. Sylari takes out a few Boggarts and Zenia continues using “Flaming Sphere” to kill more Boggarts. I then cast “Protective Spirit” to help the party. Elderon teleports on the other side of the sphere and kills the rest of the Boggars for a total of 390. The party gets the soldiers to clean up the place while they explore the remaining areas for Boggarts; finding none. The leautinent of the soldiers reports to the party it will take at least a week to clean up the area. The Lady’s Light is now part of Elderon and company’s terrain.

The party teleports back home to put together a caravan of engineers, architects, etc. along with nine hundre d more soldiers. While at home Elderon fronts another 30,000 plats. to train another 10,000 quality soldiers to be ready in three months. The party encounters no problems when traveling back to the Lady’s Light. The engineers, architects and the rest of the population begin construction on the fort. The party then returns to Tol-Ivrengond. Radriar prays for a arcon in his temple. Nothing happens except a fulfillment of prayer. He tries again and is successful.

The party then goes to see Twix to see if any of our ambassadors to the Mushfeins area ever made it. He reports they disappeared and are presumed dead. Twix reports the king within the Mushfeins needs to be curried to our favor. The party just needs to find a lost item of the queen’s to help gain their favor. Twix mentions he has a friend named Zolara that can help. Twix also mentions that Dr. Nisk has been sighted in Magnamar in Beacon’s Point District six days hence outside of Dusk Alley.

Via boat the group heads to Magnimar. While on the water they all see how the Ironspan is progressing with more workers, lanterns and general activity. Upon arriving in Magnimar the party goes to Dusk Alley in disguise. They first see Bolbenia (the witch) at her shop. She is a wiry haired, bushy eyebrowed wart faced crone. They find out from her Dr. Nisk went to see an alchemist. Zenia, Sylari and Elderon convince the witch via money to provide more information about the good doctor. Bolbenia says she’ll meet them at teh Hearts Grub & Grog later after midnight. Five hours later they see her there and she explains Dr. NIsk bought “Spider’s Kiss” which makes him undetectable and invisible. She says he’s here to retrieve a “friend” and that he works for someone far away across the sea, but it’s not Taldor. When they ask if Dr. Nisk has any allies the witch turns white and returns the money they party originally paid her for the information. Elderon tries to read her thoughts using a spell but all he gets is the his boss is a male. When the party tries to kidnap her, they discover she is portally anchorded and she disappears on them.

The next day after breakfast Elderon asks Kariss about Dr. Nisk and about “Spider’s Kiss”. Karis explains she remembers the spell but knows nothing about Dr. Nisk. Karis makes a potion to make anyone think their detection spell worked. The party also tries to find Abroget to have him scyre for Dr. Nisk but their associate is not in at the time. Elderon uses his special card to scyre for Dr. Nisk. He sees a woman with one arm messed up and a demon both trapped. Their in a large circular room with macbre decor and human bones scatter about; a balcony is also seen. The room is located on top of a mountain peak far southeast along the banks of the Usk River. Radriar uses his acron to successfully pull off the potion trap.

From the spy network, the group learns Taldor has armies in Oparra, Five King’s Mountains and Galt. Elderon and company also hear Fenwell will not join the proceedings coming up because it will cost them money. Also Janderhoff will not join either.

Finally the group asks Twix to find out: 1) The exact date for an attack on Absolom. 2) Who are Dr. NIsk’s allies? and 3) A complete history of the Mushfeins.

The Felspire Forest

The group finishes their 2 weeks of mining activities, earning 15,000 plats.
We open the adventure at the edge of the first set of ward stones. Eldaron speaks to them but can only hear them repeating “Beware”. There is no activity in this area of the forest, and it appears to be dead and gives a sense of being angry. The second ring of stones is more ominous and well cared for. Sylari shoots chickens and Zenia shoots cats at them; one of the chickens is killed by arcing green lightning. Passing through the second ring of stones takes some time, but upon reaching the other side, there are more signs of life. A path picks up on the other side of the second set of stones leading to an archway made of bone with a 6 foot wall that surrounds the area. The group discovers that the arch is a portal, and after passing through it, they find themselves in a stone courtyard under a dark sky. The spire dominates the center of the area, with outbuildings and stables surrounding it. Zenia examines the tracks present in the courtyard and notices that there are giant bipedal wolf-like tracks all over. Sylari approaches the door and disables the traps, but triggers the stone guardians which turn to pounce. both guardians are destroyed in battle and Sylari keeps the lion-headed soul jar from one of the guardians.
Upon entering the tower, the group finds themselves in a gruesome alchemy lab. 2 syringe handed golems attack, and before being subdued, one injects Radriar with 2 chemicals. Their deaths trigger tesla coils on the walls which eventually cause an undead alchemist to materialize in the middle of the room. He sticks his finger in Radriar’s wound, and turns his blood to acid. Eventually the undead is defeated, but it is too late, he whispers that the master lives. The lightning arcs again and a 60 foot werewolf appears, and uses the chemicals injected into Radriar to take control of his body. Eldaron kills him to prevent him from doing any damage to the group. The Werewolf is eventually defeated, leaving hoard including several shields, wands, coin, potions and scrolls.

Everyone gains a mythic level.

Eldaron discovers a journal naming the creature as Lucimar. The pages appear to be blank, and the cipher cannot be discerned. Eldaron discovers a secret door in the ceiling, where the group finds more potions, and scrolls.
Outside of the tower, a man is found in a cage along with some animals. The animals are all freed, but there is something odd about the man, whose name is craven. He is huddled and hunched, and has a key which he hides. He makes vague references to being captured by a birdman, being made to clean the beakers for the master, and being told not to return to “her” and that “it doesn’t know about the pit”. Eldaron casts a spell to control person, and asks Craven to lead us to the door that the key fits. The group moves through the portal and dimension doors out of the forest to avoid the giant creatures that inhabit the rings.
Upon further examination, Eldaron discovers that Craven does not have a soul and is basically a flesh golem.
The group decides to return home for the conclave before setting out on the journey with Craven. Eldaron puts him in stasis as the group travels.

The spy network reveals that the plague doctor’s name is Dr. Nisk, and he has been kicking around Thrun for about 60 years.

A team Coronation Celebration


Legend: Orange – Cross / Green – Miller / Yellow – Tasset / Pink – Covington / Blue – Darwin / Red – Umbral wastes forbidden zone

The group has been sequestered for the past month during the preparation for the coronation of Sebastian Cross. The sequestering was necessary to be sure that Sebastian could firmly take control of Nidal over the outpouring of affection for our savior Raidriar Darwin (May Raidriar bless you!).
We open as the group returns to what is now the capital city of New Castle ( formerly Pangolias). The city is filled with diplomats and visitors for the celebration. Within the keep, the priestess if Shailin officiates the ceremony, stating his hereditary birthright and swearing him in as leader of his people. Thron.png
King Cross announces that the country will shed it’s former evil identity completely by taking on a new name. Henceforth, Nidol will be known as Thron (after Shailin and Dubrall’s mother/father). The new coat of arms for the empire is a sunburst behind a wolf’s head.
The king follows the ceremony by appointing new government officials, including Grand Duke James Miller, who will rule over the southern Uskwood to the border, Grand Duke Martin Tasset who will rule from the southern plains to the border, and Grand Duchess Bethany Covinkton who will rule from the fork of the Usk River to the shore, (she also announces that Nisroch will be renamed Covington, and Nisroch bay will now be known as the bay of Thrun). It is also announced that the Umbrell waste will be off limits, and will have no ruler because of all the shadowspawn.
King Cross calls forth Raidriar Darwin with much fanfare. Raidriar kneels before the king and is proclaimed Grand Duke of the Northern Border, from the crown of Usk Lake to the middle of the mindspin mountains (The largest duchy) Raidriar is also charged as lord commander of the Knights of the Dawn, a new order that he will establish with a budget of 1500 platinum pieces a month to maintain. Three knights step forward and drape Raidriar with a red cape with a crest of a sunburst and upturned sword with a crown in the corner. The knights are then declared part of the new order- Sir Rupert VanOwen, Knight of the Horse, Sir Godfrey Prichard, Knight of the Sword, and Sir Trent Redmond, the Knight of the Wand. Earl Rolfgardener, who received a land and title earlier within Raidriar’s territory, is appointed his sergeant at arms. Each party member is also proclaimed either a knight or Dame with rights to establish a hereditary homestead within Raidriar’s territory.
The king also declares the day Darwin’s Day, (the 17th Abadius) and each citizen will be given a golden cross, and there will be feasting and merriment.
The B team, who are present at the ceremony, step forward to meet with the A team after the feasting is underway. Vilamia introduces Tom Rainsworth, and explains that Akorian accepted an Engineering apprenticeship, but recommended Tom. Eldaron and Zenia interview Tom, then speak to Vilamia separately. They agree that Tom will be taken on on a trial basis for 90 days. Karis does not have any assignments for the B team presently, so they will return to the Eastern Trading Company for another run, which will begin in 5 weeks. Vilamia also describes to the A team what transpired with Thatcher Griffencatcher.
The king asks the group to attend a private meeting in 2 days time, as the festivities come to a close. He presents Raidriar with a map of the duchy and thanks the group for all of their help. King Cross explains that he would like Raidriar to officiate the land grab for the new subjects of Darwin’s Landing in 5 days time. The king also introduces Lady Francesca Cuthbert, who he as appointed as Raidriar’s Viceroy , to rule in his stead when he is away.
Lady Francesca explains that the land grab will be done in waves , based on how long the subjects have spent helping to rebuild the area. Francesca recommends land near the forest for the group for their measly 2 acre homesteads, but Sylari selects a spot near the coast because of Severus.
Raidriar explores his new keep and gives a super awkward speech to his new subjects. The Sheriff gives a report on the state of affairs, but seems agitated and evasive. He tries to leave his report and go, but is stopped. He reluctantly admits that there have been a number of curious murders (7 total) over the last 4 weeks that are beyond his abilities to solve. He explains that the victims have been found without bones and only small needle marks on the bodies, and he has no suspects. He gives two of the names of the victims as Lars Stonehammer who was discovered in his bed, and Michelle Smith, who was found dead in an alley. He has 4 of the seven bodies, and the crime wave dates back about a month. Based on the pattern that has been established, there will likely be another murder just before the land grab.
Francesca takes the group down to a cave near the water to view the bodies. Eldaron can find no traces of magic, but there are traces of an unfamiliar alchemical solution on all of the bodies. Sylari identifies the poison as something that would allow the murderer to liquefy the bones and then suck them out. The group travels to Surly Jack’s Tavern for a queasy dinner and some information. Zenia speaks with Folgrim Axemasher who explains that he has heard rumor that the murderer was a demon….or a snake….or a lady, but that there may have been similar occurrences in New Castle. Karl explains that he used to see bodies like this in Pangoloris, and he had heard that there was a connection to someone working for the Umbrel Court.
Karl also reveals that he used to be a master mapmaker, and he intends to open a shop and retrieve his former master’s map hoard. Eldaron convinces him to go into business with us.
The group returns to the bodies after dark to use a scroll that will allow Eldaron to speak with the dead. Unfortunately, the dwarf with whom they chose to speak, was sleeping when he was killed and has no insight about the killer. Eldaron tries to manipulate his spirit to access his visual cortex, and is able to steal some of his visual memories, but all that is gathered is that he had dinner with his wife and then the two of them went to bed.
There is one day left before the land grab, so if the pattern holds true, another murder will happen tonight.
Karis discerns that the bones were not liquefied, they were isolated and then removed. After speaking with Francesca, the group learns that there have been rumors of an outsider working or the Umbril Court that removed skeletons dating back to when her father was a boy.
Sylari takes a card from the Deck of Many Things and her daggers become sentient. Their names are Gertrude and Floyd. Their special purpose is to slay all followers of Kaden Kayleen and humans in general, so Sylari throws them into the shadow plane.
After various attempts to figure out who the murder is, the group waits for nightfall and deploys the danger net. plague_doctor.png Upon seeing a spirit rise, Eldaron teleports everyone to the site of the ascension just in time to see a dark cloak whisk around the corner. Eldaron is just fast enough to see a figure with a large brimmed hat and what appears to be a beak (similar to a plague doctor) open a portal and disappear. Eldaron determines that the magic is not anything that he has felt before.
Radriar finds a pouch thought to be left by the creature with a magical carved stone compass inside. It points to the north, but Eldaron gets the sense that the compass is somehow incomplete. After communing with the stone of the compass, Eldaron is able to see its forming, done by a dark skinned elf.
The group returns to the keep and in the morning, Radriar officiates the land grab which goes smoothly and virtually empties the tent city.
The group runs across Karl again, who may have knowledge of the compass. He claims to be familiar with the type of magic and asks for a piece of parchment. He places the compass on the corner of the paper explains that the compass is basically a portable map, and we just need to unlock it. This particular one likely holds a couple maps. After 4 hours, Karl is able to unlock the compass and the maps begin to scroll out onto the parchment. A total of 4 maps are created. 2 maps are recognizable as Osirian and Absalom, but the other 2 are unknown.





Several of the maps have circles, but the trail of the plague doctor becomes hard to follow, so the group returns to Tol Ivrengond.
Zenia inquires with Twix about the pirates and Sylari hears back from the thieves network about Taldor. The rumor is that Absalom will be the next target.

The group sets out north on the Whispering Wind toward the pirate city. There is only one ship in the harbor, but it seems unsafe to approach.
Sylari draws another card from the Deck of Many Things. Her skin turns hard and becomes covered with pebbles. +2 to armor class and -2 to Dex. Sylari doesn’t care for it so Eldaron sucks out her soul and regrows her body from his emergency true resurection body part stash. It takes 13 days.
While she is in a petri dish, the deck must be placated it again. Eldaron draws from the deck, which forces Zenia to draw. She gains the ability to speak with plants, an ability which she already has. Eldaron is forced to pick again and gains a +2 to 2 abilities but then the scores need to be swapped. A third card is discarded which turned out to be the Tyrant.

There are now three ships in the harbor. Eldaron summons a swarm of termites to attack the ships.
Sylari draws another card from the deck and grows one size class destroying her armor in the process. She is now 9 feet tall with increased strength and reduced dexterity.
Using the time turner, Sylari warns herself to disrobe before choosing, which triggers a redo for the draw and has to lose either sight, speech or hearing. She chooses to be mute.
Sylari disguises herself as a pirate and plans to lose a fake treasure map in a poker game to draw the pirates onto their ships. All goes well, and she drops the map and leaves.

After three days the ships are still in the harbor. Fearing something went wrong Sylari projects a mental image of the pirate who won the map to Eldaron. Using this knowledge we go looking for the pirate but no before we have to have a member draw from the Deck of Many Things. Radriar chooses to draw and eventually has his sunblade turned into a tin dagger. Giving them six days before they have to have someone draw again, everyone but Radriar sets out to town. He stays behind to keep an eye on the ships and because he would stick out like a leper at a rich politician’s fundraiser for skin care products. As Eldaron, Sylari and Zenia approach enter the town they notice the streets are really muddy and a select set of buildings seem to have occupied the population’s time of recent date: the bar, an inn and their own ships.

Elderon, Sylari and Zenia come up with a tale to tell in order the acquire information about the pirate who won the map. Eldaron plans to act like Sylari bet his map without his permission and Zenia gets to be the silent second who has to drag Sylari around. Upon entering the bar they notice styles haven’t changed as it looks very typical with a greasy fat-fingered human barkeep and about other people littered about sleeping, gambling or eating. Eldaron approaches the barkeep with the preplanned story given asking about the pirate who won the map. Wanting an incentive Zenia nonchalantly tosses two gold for the barman’s time to “remember” where the pirate is located. He is said to be at a hollow over a hill nearby so the adventures set out there, eventually seeing smoke ascending behind a hollow. Soon they come across an old pirate sleeping with a shovel nearby along the trail. Zenia asks Elderon to summon a seagull to scope out the camp. The bird flies overhead seeing bloodied bodies on the ground near a campfire. The old pirate wakes up, grabs his shovel and goes back to the hollow. A little time passes and the group sees the old man come out take a swig from a bottle . Elderon uses a “Detect Illusion” spell and finds none. Satisfied the old seadog is what he appears to be the adventures approach. Elderon explains the reason they are here with the old pirate explaining he burned the body after the young pirate lad had been killed. Looking closely at the old salty dog, the group notices he has catarachs and won’t know who the killer of the lad was. Excusing himself the pirate goes off to continue his work dismembering the bodies which is auditorily evident to the party as they head back to town.

Suddenly the party hears four bell tolls in the distance; Zenia shard speaks to Radriar asking if he sees anything. Using a spyglass, Radriar responds that a red and black stripped ship is approaching from a distance. He describes the ship to their captain and as he looks through the spyglass confirms the ship is the flagship of the pirate’s: GRIM DESTINTY. The captain is unaware of the present captain of said pirate ship and advises we stay put so as not to be seen. Going through town, the rest of the party notice the place is more alive with activity: shops are opening, the building next to the bar has prostitutes showing of their wares now, the bar is more populated as are the streets, etc.

Once back at their ship, Elderon summons a seagull to scope out the GRIM DESTINY. Soaring over the pirate ship, the seagull relays a number of swabbies but no officers on deck, except for the possibility of a guy sitting instructing others in their work. Elderon instructs the bird to look through the windows where it makes out a humanoid silhouette in the captain’s quarters. Elderaon tells the seagull to perch on the mast of the ship and wait for signs of the ship’s captain to emerge. An hour later the bird finally signals Elderon a man with a leather coat and breaches wearing a hat with one eye and armed with flintlock pistols and sword has emerged from below decks. The captain with his tan and leathery skin talks briefly to the guy sitting down giving directions and then they both leave the ship heading into town. The seagull tails them to the brothel. Taking advantage of the situation, Elderon tells the termites who have been working on the other three ships to attack the new ship. Upon touching the GRIM DESTINY, the termites soon become fish food dying at the very touch of its wood. The remaining larvae on the other three ships are told to remain and to keep eating as necessary to carry out the party’s plan.

By now both pirate officers have emerged from the brothel with a woman each and have entered the bar. The party goes into town with Radriar disguised as a green tropical parrot. The friends enter the bar and find it to be full of people with music in full swing. Sylari and Zenia immediately go dancing while Elderon with Radriar perched on his shoulder takes a seat discreetly. Soon a lecherous pirate grabs Zenia’s ass and propositions her. Figuring she can get some information, Zenia plays along pouring on the sex appeal; not long after Sylari gets propositioned too. During their discussion, Zenia makes her pirate think he has a chance with both her and Sylari if we can go on his ship. The pirate readily accepts such an offer and soon Zenia and Sylari accompanying him back to the GRIM DESTINY. Via “Dar-speak”, Zenia instructs her panther Audi to hide by the ship acting as a look out. As they head towards the pirate ship, the “lucky” pirate brags to both women about his past exploits but remains cagy about anything of the future. The threesome get no farther than the top of the plank to the GRIM DESTINY when a voice from the shadows says no visitors are allowed on the ship. Zenia discretely makes out a middle aged man with a staff in one hand and a book in the other hidden the shadows. Making it sound like his idea the pirate decides to have the girls leave the ship with him. On the way back to the bar, Sylari and Zenia ditch the poor sap using stealth as he has no more use to them than a limp noodle.

Meanwhile Elderon and Radriar have been watching the two officer pirates, seen four fights and one fatality with the body being thrown outside whereby young ragamuffins strip the body of valuables. Elderon goes out changing into a child after the others have left and searches the body. He finds a gold piece in a wooden leg the kids missed. Let down at his fortune Elderon changes back into an adult going back into the bar. He and Radriar notice the captain and his first mate leave the tavern and head back to their ship with a woman each still.

Sylari and Zenia head back to the bar and find a huge brawl in effect upon arrival. Elderon and Radriar are under a table with the fight going on. Eventually a body is thrown out to the street. Scabby children try to steal the pirate’s valuable but Sylari, Zenia and Audi prevent them chasing them off. Sylari is puked on by the pirate as a thank you. Zenia uses magic to clean her but a pirate witness her using magic causing him to sound the alarm for magic users. Audi pounces on him killing him forcing Elderon to turn the pirate into a guppy to hide the body and the party into hawks to fly back to their ship. The party decides to use the time glass to warn them not to leave the tavern. Instead the party stays inside until the morning when they return to their ship to rest.

The seagull eventually communicates with Elderon that the crew of the GRIM DESTINY are active; they leave within the hour. The other three ships show no activity for about an hour then the least termite ridden ship also starts to show activity. Five hours later it starts to show activity and gets ready to leave. Elderon turns the party into reef sharks and they swim out into the water to wait for the ship. Elderon soon summons a major storm to prevent the ship from leaving. The captain of this ship though is very skilled and successfully steers the vessel against the gail force winds. Pouring on more severity with a cyclone hurricane on the ship one mile in diameter and 170 MPH winds the captain proves he has his LT. Dan game on and continues to elude the worst of the storm. Pissing Elderon off he casts a spell causing the sea floor to rise finally tearing the ship apart. Sharks soon start to eat the crew. Of the two docked ships, one falls apart between the termite damage and the storm. The second ship has its power supply ignite causing a fire to spread to forty percent of the town. To keep the fire going, Elderon summons five fire elementals; they prevent the fire from spreading into the jungle. Depending on the character (ie only Radriar) feels bad when it is revealed that the entire population (1300 people) is either killed by the fire or by the animals in the jungle nearby. The seagull is sent in each direction scouting for the GRIM DESTINY without any success. The party heads back to their home island after turning into their true forms.

Three days had gone by to get home forcing someone to draw from the Deck of Many Things. Sylari, in her bravery, draws and gets cursed (she can’t level anymore with her current class; if she dies she takes a 2 level hit). Fed up with the Deck of Many Things, Zenia and the group go to Classius to sell the cards. Elderon invites him to dine with us at our palace and to indicate a magic item might interest him. He excepts the invitation. Two hundred platiums are spent for the dinner which everyone including our guest enjoys. Elderon acts as Zenia’s bargoner for the deck. He asks for money and a miracle spell to get Sylari her voice back. Classius is very interested in the Deck offering: Scroll with miracle spell and 46,200 plats. After dickering back and forth, Classius and Elderon come to an agreement of:73,920 plats, scroll with miracle spell and a new enchanted dagger for Sylari. The curse is soon removed from Sylari for 6000 plats.

In other business, Nidal accepts diplomatic relations with Magnimar. Elderon makes a rune well under the fountain in the center of the Ironspan, warded against teleportation via dungeon stone. Sylari has a report from her spy network confirming Taldor will invade Absalom within 90 days but how it will be done is unknown. A vote passes the council to combine Magnimar and Tol-Ivrengond’s coffers into one. A vote is also passed of having our citizens and military scout the archipelago (from Magnimar to Rivenrake Island) now that it is pirate free. The cost is 100,000 plats. Finally, Elderon pitches his vision for our nation and asks for a summit in Magnimar in four weeks. We vote to send ambassadors to various areas involved.

Elderon uses the storm septure to get us to Tien-Ko (the floating city) so Zenia can shop for primordial armor and to sell items. Elderon and Sylarie visit the sky dragons while there. Elderon via selling some very valuable items he has buys all of us primordial leather armor.

Upon returning home, Sylari’s spy network reported the Grim Destiny’s captian resides in Slipcove in The Shackles off Bag Island but it is possible Cheliax and Varesia are also areas it has been spotted. Radiar suggested we increase our cartloads between Bureen and Magnimar and Bureen and Sandpoint. The party agreed spending 84 plat. . The group also decides to spend money on a new ship. We go to the shipyard in Magnimar using the Whispering Wind (our ship) to get there to see Old Man Sulivan. The salty dog is keen to see the group again and soon, over tea, Elderon is haggling over the price of a new ship. After some back and forth everyone agrees to a 103,000 plats pricetag and calling the new ship the Crystal Zephyr. Each member of the party chips in 29,000 plat except Sylari who uses 16,000 of her money. (She had taken a hit to fix herself due to the Deck of Many Things). The ship has 150 tons of carry capacity, is 300 feet long; has 24 Alkenstar cannons; the crew costs 162 plat. annually including a druid wizard; the captain will receive a 10 percent cut.

In other news, Elderon cashes in more irridium in Tien-Ko so he can imbue a rune stone capable of allowing him (and anyone within 15 feet of him) to understand any language or dialect. Sylari and Radiar see Daltros because Radiar wants to make improvements to his sword. Daltros fails in his attempts destroying the sword. To fix the problem, the time travel device is used to warn Radiar not to alter is sword. Zenia is asked by Radiar to use her magic quill to send for Calvo to try and entice him to help alter Radriar’s sword.

In summit news, four areas accept to send people: Churlwood Forest, Sanos Forest, Kaer Maga, and Riddleport.

The group decides to go to Sherna to try to find out what they can about the mysterious stranger they encountered recently. Elderon changes the everyone into finches and after a little bit of trouble arrive at the city hours later. Upon entering the city, the party notices a tavern and inn lit and head towards the inn for a room. A catfolk person manages the inn and lets two rooms for one gold piece. Elderon and company go to the tavern on the good opinion of the catfolk manager saying the food in good. The inn contains many catfolk, a few humans and no elves or dwarves. Everyone gets a bite to eat and Radriar starts up a conversation with the barkeep who happens to be a male catperson. Two people adjacent to him skirt away when the Hellsfire Forest is mentioned. The bartender is evasive on the subject too.

After some hours, the party goes back to their rooms and spend an uneventful night catching up on sleep. The innkeeper whose name is Dulean provides a breakfast and like the bartender the night before evades questions about the Hellfire Forest. She directs the party to a camp of rangers in the forest to get more information on the subject. The rangers are receptive to the party and one of them named Elane explains the local catpeople believe if they don’t name something it will leave them alone. (Whether that’s true or not is another question). The forest is said to be cursed. The Qun inhabit it and for the past thousand years no one who has entered the forest has come out.. The ranger has not met a Qun himself. The shield wall protects the local residents from that place. No Qun can pass the wall into Eldalon. Elane asks if the group would deliver a package to a ranger station outside of Glendale. Elane leaves and returns with two Dark Elves. They ask if anyone has ever ridden a Duskcat. The rangers ask us to deliver the cats and they will help the party find the city they seek. Upon a quick tutorial on how to ride the beasts they are off. True to their word the rangers take them to the city. In order to stay in the area, the party buys mining tools and mines for gems in the area as undercover until access to the Hellspire can happen.

Plans are made for a military base at the achipelago and we ask Twix to inquire about the Plague Doctor and to track the movements of the GRIM DESTINY. Elderon and company receive news the Mermen and Whisper will come to the conference while Korvosa and Janderhoff will not. Also the diplomat sent into the Mushfens is presumed dead as he has not been heard from in a long time.

For two weeks no one bothers the party in the woods. During this time, the group mines, with the help of Elderon’s elmentals over 15,000 plats. Noticing the mist burns off by midday but returns at night, the group decides to sneak off continuing on their journey. Time passes but Elderon and company come to the ward stone line where nothing is seen growing past it. Elderon uses magic attempting to learn what he can about the stones. He figures out though intense concentration: the stones have a binding/warding spell about them, the stones are flawless with no cracks or chips, they are 3 ft round and 3.5 ft tall and the word “Beware” emanates repeatedly in stonespeak. Radriar figures out there is evil nearby but can’t pin it down.

With this information, the entire group goes past the perimeter of the ward stones and continue on towards the Fellspire. After forty minutes of travel Sylari and company come to another set of ward stones that have a green, brackish glow between them. Elderon tries to communicate with these stones and feels resistance so Sylari and Zenia use their pussy and chicken gloves to see what would happen to something live if it passes the perimeter. Unfortunately the cats from Zenia’s gloves eat the chickens from Sylari’s gloves and run away. Audi senses a large predator nearby but doesn’t recognize it. With limited options, everyone goes through the ward stones. As they do, lightning shoots out and everyone feels weighed down; it takes seven minutes to step through the barrier. Eventually the sounds of a normal forest hit the ears of the party and while a fair amount of brush covers the ground now, there are still dead trees about looking wane and unfriendly.

Zenia and Audi are unable to detect any signs of a large predator nearby but find a game trail. Ignoring it they party continues of the main path with Elderon turning Sylari and Radriar into squirrels so Sylari can ride with Zenia and Radriar with Elderon so they can use their woodland stride skills to move faster through the forest. Making great time they soon come across a cobblestone path which soon leads to a large bony archway over the path. At this point the squirrels become their respective characters again. After using cats and chickens again to test the path under the archway, the group passes under it and find themselves in a stone courtyard with a blackened sky overhead. A tall ominous, black tower with braziers glowing and stone lions flanking it stands before the group; a double wooded door bound in iron seems to be the only way into the spooky structure.

Zenia looks for large animal tracks and finds none. Sylaria checks the door for traps while Zenia covers her. The thief finds magical and mechanical traps on the door. As she works on the door, one of the stone lions comes to life attacking Sylari while the other one goes after Zenia. Both women get bit; the group immediately retaliate with Elderon using spells to weaken the creatures stone consistency and the other three characters using their melee weapons to take out the lions. With combat ending, the door opens.

A large creepy room, recognized by Sylari as a place being used for necromancy with its vials and beakers atop wooden tables along with other equipment, contains iron spikes with dead bodies on it of some type of humanoid persuasion. Thick slime covers some of the tables. Sylari does not understand what type of necromancy is being done despite searching her memory and the room for clues. Radriar with Elderon casting an increase of range spell casts “Detect Undead”. It is determined an undead force is on the other side of the room which is two hundred feet round and 160 feet high. The ceiling has many different (broken) items hanging it. On a whim, Elderon cast “Detect Magic” and finds it present within the room.

Suddenly a brass golem attacks Radriar with its nasty needle arm piercing his armor and pumping liquid into him. The creature them reloads his arm with a new vile. Radriar smacks it in the head dazing it. Elderon then summons rock from the ground to surround the gollum; he them casts a lava storm within the contained area of the gollum smelting it to death once the opening for the lava is closed off. Elderon tries to help Radriar by casting “Remove Disease” but nothing happens to him causing him to believe the brave paladin has been injected with something else more deadly. A second gollum shows up with a blue vial in its needle arm. With the quickness of the wind, Radriar jabs his sword into the monster. The monster tries to stab Elderon but ends up killing itself (with a roll of a one) because it’s so clumsy. Coils are noticed by the party going across the ceiling; thinking they’re not something good Sylari shoots them but it has no effect. Getting a bad feeling something will drop from the ceiling, Zenia heads to the door jamb and casts “Aspect of the Wolf” on Elderon and Radriar. An undead wizard appears touching Radriar turning his blood into acid and then cast “Vomit Swarm” on him just to be mean causing the brave paladin to vomit spiders.

In retaliation, Elderon the powerful druid, casts “Mass Stone Skin” on the party, heals Elderon negating the effects the wizard did on him and finally blasts the undead mage with “Reverse Heal”. Radriar smites the foe multiple times with his mighty sword mortally wound him. Sylari tries to hit him but misses. Zenia finishes the foe off with an arrow (so she thinks) and the wizard yells “I LIVE!!!!!!” A nasty looking sixty foot werewolf comes out of the ground and places Radriar under his control; it them cast “Fantasmal” resurrecting the undead wizard. The undead wizard, in turn casts “Prismatica Wall” in front of the group. A wall 40 ft. tall and 80 ft. wide blocks the evil baddies and Radriar from the party. Elderon uses his magic to dispel part of the wall and kills Radriar by using a reverse heal spell. Zenia blasts the werewolf in the head with a critical hit. Trying to hit the creature from where it had moved behind the remaining wall Zenia shoots out a piece of hanging equipment above the monster. It falls on him but heals him (for 30 pts) and he grows a third arm. Sylari turns invisible and stabs the werewolf after sneaking up on it. She uses her special daggers twice: the poison from the first strike has no effect but the poison from the second hit works. She then retreats a safe distance away.

The werewolf uses “Death Touch” on Zenia doing so much damage it almost kills her; she drops unconscious. He then tries to smash the powerful druid but critically misses and when he tries again Elderon dimension doors out of the way. Elderon heals Zenia and then kills the werewolf using a blizzard spell in combination with a reverse heal spell. The wizard is soon taken care of too. Radriar is then resurrected by Elderon. The party searches the room over a two hour span for treasure and finds a shit load of coin and loot. The other item of interest is a journal with the name Lucimar on the cover. Elderon opens the book and finds it filled with blank pages. Using “Detect Magic” and his arcane magic skill he figures out the pages are magic but cannot decipher the cypher.

Making one more sweep of the room Elderon uses “Detect Secret Doors” and finds one on the ceiling. Sylari uses her “Detect Traps” and upon finding none Elderon warps the wood opening the trap door. Above is a circular room 15 feet high and about 200 feet wide in circumference with windows. The floor is extremely dusty indicating no one has been here in awhile. The room contains multiple chests, a bed, table, chairs and a few other pieces of furniture. Elderon searches for a falactory in the room. A few item of treasure and other interest are found in the room and taken. Meanwhile, Zenia searches the perimeter of the building outside and finds a number of cages containing animals and one with a man in his forties in a loin cloth alive but still. She mentally alerts the party causing them to come immediately.

Elderon attempts to converse with the man while attempting to detect his thoughts. The druid finds it strange he can detect nothing and the party finds it even stranger the man says, “slayer of the bright master” a number of times. Zenia offers both bread and meat to the stranger; he tosses the former and readily eats the latter. Radriar tries to detect the person’s alignment but comes up empty. Sylari asks the man if he remembers life before here and he responds “mustn’t ask about the pit.” After a little more questioning the party figures he does not know. On a hunch, Elderon casts “Detect Magic” on the man and figures he has something magical. After an hour of concentration it’s discovered the man has a magic key. Using his use magic device skill and “Control Person”, Elderon has the loined man show the party where the key is used. The man leads them to a portal which he walks through with the party following. The mist suddenly comes back after some time passes and Zenia casts “Life Bubble” to keep the mist away. Their trek takes them beyond mountains and a wall deep into a forest. Along the way the man mumbles, “She won’t like it” every so often. Elderon uses a scroll of sleeping on the man and tries the remove the “crazy” from his soul but discovers no soul just a vacuum. Suddenly Aduial growls and the party start to hear the approach of a large creature. Elderon teleports the entire party to the edge of the Warding Stones. The group goes through the portal and turn around to see an awful creature that is part bear, part boar and part demon trying to get through the portal but consistently remains unsuccessful. Elderon in a rare case of mockery flips off the monster and a trill call is heard. The group uses its ability to portal back to their island home taking the husk of the man with them. The man is confined away upon arrival.

The party plan out how to build their army and navy contracting for two forts, ten outposts, and 10,000 soldiers for the former and five large ships, fifteen medium ships and twenty small ships for the latter. Sylari’s network of spies has information about previous questions put to them waiting for her. It’s reported that port magic will be used to get into Absalom. Also Dr. Nisk is the plague doctor guy in Nidal area we met. Finally the GRIMM DESTINY is reported to be within Conqueror’s Bay off the southern area of Varisia with the Crystal Zephyr in pursuit. A letter is spent to us indicating the people of Emberlake will attend the meeting Elderon and the party have planned. Twix reports a second ambassador sent to the Mushfens to make contact with the people there has disappeared and is presumed dead. The Viper Wall in Amber Lake is reported as cleared.


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